Center for Community & Global Health

Dept. Contact Lucia Garcia
Location SSOM 320
Phone 708-216-6318
Department: Center for Community & Global Health
Course Number: CCGH-150
Course Title: Culinary Medicine
No. of Students: 12 
Site: LUMC
Supervisor: Amy Blair, MD; Mary D'Anza Mora, RDN, CDE
Duration: 2 weeks credit (part-time, asynchronous)
Periods Offered: Jan-April (part-time)
Prerequisite: None.
Special Note:

Contact: Mary D’Anza Mora and Lucia Garcia


This part-time elective (two weeks of elective credit) will focus on the role of nutrition in health promotion in a community-based setting. Because adequate nutrition contributes to the wellbeing of individuals and poor nutrition has been associated with the development of chronic diseases, it is important that healthcare providers promote nutritious diets in order to increase good health in society and prevent nutrition-related chronic diseases. The purpose of this elective is to teach students the skills of community-based nutrition education, including culinary skills. This program will also provide Maywood community members with fresh produce along with nutrition education and basic culinary lessons to improve nutrition-related behaviors. It also seeks to explore the concept of food insecurity and how health care professionals can help develop decision-making skills to optimize nutrition in the community.

Dietetic Interns and Medical Students will work together with members of Proviso Partners For Health (PP4H) to distribute fresh produce and lead two Culinary Medicine Cooking Classes for the Maywood community. These classes will teach basic culinary skills, while addressing nutrition related issues. A bag of fresh produce will be distributed every week for 10 weeks to 30 families in the Maywood community. The distribution will take place in the Maywood Park District, from 3:00 to 6:00 pm. Dietetic interns will be in charge of creating recipes for the cooking demonstrations and medical students will assist with this on the day of the event.

For two weeks of elective credit, students must complete the following:
a. Read the required text and participate in discussion sessions
b. Culinary Medicine Component- Medical students will participate two 2-hour cooking workshops to learn basic cooking skills, as well as healthy meal preparation.
c. Service Component – Students will be grouped with dietetic interns to work on cooking demos presentations for community members called “Community Kitchens.” They will also develop nutrition education tools such as handouts and flyers with relevant information for the demonstrations. Medical students will be required to complete a total of 10 hours of community presentations. Each weekly event will need a team to set up, present, distribute bags of produce, and clean up. Medical students can choose to work in two-hour blocks or stay for the duration of the event. These events will be scheduled every Monday from January 28 to April 1, from 3:00-6:00.

Method of evaluation:

Grading will be on a Pass/Fail basis.

Students will be evaluated by a narrative assessment on the basis of each of four components: 1) Overall participation in the program, 2) Development of Cooking Workshop Materials, 3) Self-Assessment and 4) Community Member (program) Feedback.