Center for Community & Global Health

Dept. Contact Lucia Garcia
Location SSOM 320
Phone 708-216-6318
Department: Center for Community & Global Health
Course Number: CCGH-403
Course Title: International Health: Bolivia
No. of Students:  
Site: Foreign
Supervisor: Amy Blair, MD  
Duration: 4.0 weeks 
Periods Offered:  
Prerequisite: Fourth year standing.
Special Note: Graded pass/fail only.

Medical Knowledge:

Students should be able to identify the following:
a) endemic diseases specific to their locale
b) clinical presentation, basic pathophysiology, diagnostic strategies, and prognosis for these endemic diseases
c) appropriate therapy for these endemic diseases
d) the role of DOTS in integrating health care delivery

Interpersonal and Communication Skills:

Students must demonstrate effective communication skills with their patients, patients' families, and other healthcare providers. Inherent in this expectation is that students will be proficient in the native language.

Patient Care:

1) Conduct a focus history and physical and offer a reasonable diagnosis and management plan.
2) Recognize the limited ancillary data available and be able to integrate this information into a team-oriented approach to effective care
3) Follow patients who have been admitted to an inpatient facility
4) Provide instruction in basic preventive medicine and community health care
5) Engage in outreach clinical community visits.

System-based Learning:

1) Recognize the relationships between poverty, lifestyle, health care resources, and illness that is both common to underserved sites and unique to his/her locale. 
2) Recognize the health hazards to American workers and visitors in Third World Countries.
3) Recognize and effectively navigate the interconnected relationships between family and community relationships, support systems, and quality of life.


1) Students must consistently demonstrate an awareness of, and respect for, cultural differences unique to their experience.

Method of evaluation: 1) The supervising physician will give direct clinical assessment of the student's performance.
2) Students will be expected to attend the majority of didactic sessions on International Health prior to departure.
3) Students will be expected to perform a needs assessment while on site and submit a grant proposal for quality improvement upon return with the help of a supervising physician.