Center for Community & Global Health

Dept. Contact Lucia Garcia
Location SSOM 320
Phone 708-216-6318
Department: Center for Community & Global Health
Course Number: CCGH-405
Course Title: International Health: Vietnam
No. of Students:  4
Site: Foreign
Supervisor: Amy Blair, MD
Duration: 4 weeks
Periods Offered: Year round
Prerequisite: Fourth year standing.
Special Note:

This is to invite your interest and participation in the elective clerkship in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, in conjunction with Pham Ngoc Thach University of Medicine.  The elective is sponsored by Loyola faculty, Dr. Amy Blair, and will be coordinated on-site by Mr. Ky Nguyen.

Course graded pass/fail only.


Pham Ngoc Thach University of Medicine in Ho Chi Minh City offer students the opportunity to rotate in a busy inpatient setting alongside Vietnamese faculty and students. Once approved, students are linked with hospital teams from a variety of departments based on interest, including Tropical Medicine, Intensive Care, Orthopedics and Emergency. There are unique opportunities within the Tropical Medicine division to be a part of team rounds on patients with a variety of endemic infectious diseases that are rare in the United States training setting. There are also opportunities to spend time with Infectious Disease researchers. Within the Orthopedic and Emergency Departments, there are ample opportunities to assist in surgical management of trauma cases, including scrubbing in for surgeries. All clinical experiences are supervised by Vietnamese faculty, and most experiences are observation (except surgical assist). Students are not provided official interpreters, but often find ad hoc interpretation among Vietnamese students. The learning environment also provides the opportunity to examine a different health delivery system and participate in numerous cross-cultural exchanges.

Method of evaluation:

All international electives will be graded according to the official grading system (Honors, High Pass, Pass and Fail). International elective grades are completed by a student's on-site supervisor and are based on elective performance and successful completion of elective requirements. The evaluation form requires the elective supervisor to provide written comments related to the student's understanding, skill development, professional attitude, demonstrated competencies, and any other criteria which were specified to be met during the elective. Final grades will be determined by Dr. Amy Blair.