Center for Community & Global Health

Dept. Contact Lucia Garcia
Location SSOM 320
Phone 708-216-6318
Department: Center for Community & Global Health
Course Number: CCGH-409
Course Title: Global Health Epidemiology
No. of Students:  
Site: LUMC
Supervisor: Amy Luke, MD;  Amy Blair, MD
Duration: 4.0 weeks
Periods Offered:  
Prerequisite: Open to third year Global Health Honors students and Global Health Fellows. Students must be in good academic standing and up to date with all requirements for the Community and Global Health Honors program at the time of application.
Special Note:

Applications for participation are due 60 days in advance for participation in this elective. Post-elective requirements are due within two weeks of the elective end date.

If you wish to discuss this option further before applying, do not hesitate to make an appointment to see Dr. Luke, Dr. Blair, or Lucia Garcia.

Graded pass/fail only.

Description: This elective is a four-week course comprised of two days of didactic sessions addressing trends in global health issues and how to evaluate literature on global health topics and three weeks applying these concepts by furthering the design, implementation or completion of individual scholarly research projects. All students will present their final project to faculty from both Public Health Sciences and the Center for Community and Global Health. Students will be guided in producing a publishable manuscript when applicable. Students are required to include their Scholarly Project advisor in the planning and completion of this elective.
Method of evaluation:

The elecitve is graded as Pass/Fail. Students will be evaluated by Dr. Amy Luke and Dr. Amy Blair on performance in the didactic and practical components, as well as the final project presentation. Tangible goals toward the scholarly project must be successfully completed to receive a passing grade in this elective.