Center for Community & Global Health

Dept. Contact Lucia Garcia
Location SSOM 320
Phone 708-216-6318
Department: Center for Community & Global Health
Course Number: CCGH-410
Course Title: Medical Spanish Teaching Elective
No. of Students:  
Site: SSOM
Supervisor: Amy Blair, MD
Duration: 2 weeks credit  
Periods Offered: Year long, part-time  
Prerequisite: YES- Proficiency in Spanish.
Special Note:  This course is graded Pass/Fail only.

The Stritch School of Medicine offers an elective in Medical Spanish Teaching in Medical School. This elective is an introduction to the concepts, methodologies and foundation for medical education, its role in the physicians practice, and its application to lifelong learning. Specifically, the elective strengthens Medical Spanish speaking ability and Spanish language teaching skills. Whether assuming a position as a medical educator or taking responsibility for one’s own Continuing Medical Education, this elective will provide a sound foundation for academic excellence, research or scholarship, particularly within the growing role of Spanish within Medicine.

•This elective will occur longitudinally over the course of two years, with students working towards requirements for two weeks elective credit.

•Fall and Spring Teacher Workshops will be held to discuss medical education theory, methodology and practice. You will be expected to attend both sessions.

•The opportunity to implement that knowledge will be in the form of teaching one hour Medical Spanish classes of a specified level to a small group (maximum of 20) Medical Student peers on a regular basis.

•The expectations are that formal teaching encounters will occur within a minimum of 20 sessions (schedule to be set by the teacher) over the first two years of medical school.

•Lesson plans and short reflections for each class must be uploaded to Taskstream at the end of the year.

•Students are required to shadow two other Medical Spanish Program teachers and fill out a reflection worksheet for each teacher.

Method of evaluation:

1. Reflection:
Maintain a teaching and learning log (online student portfolio) in which they will record:
•Their preparation for each teaching encounter
•The goal of each teaching activity
•Whether goal was achieved
•Recommendations for their improvement

2. Assessment:
•Assessment of the teaching techniques demonstrated by the teacher during observation by fellow teacher and/or student
•Direct observation and formative/summative feedback will be provided on an ongoing basis by faculty, fellow teacher and/or student

This course is graded Pass/Fail only.