Institute for Transformative Interprofessional Education (ITIE)

Dept. Contact Fran Vlasses, PhD, RN
Location Maguire 2840
Phone 708-216-3547
Department: Institute for Transformative Interprofessional Education
Course Number: ITIE-100
Course Title: Interprofessional Team Elective
No. of Students: 3  
Site: LUMC 
Supervisor: Fran Vlasses, PhD; Aaron Michelfelder, MD
Duration: 2.0 weeks credit (part time)
Periods Offered: Sept-Dec or Jan-Apr
Prerequisite: Permission of course directors.
Special Note: 2 weeks of Elective Credit (70 hours) per semester, may be taken up to twice over two semesters for a total of 4 weeks of elective credit.

Open to all levels of medical students, but must commit to entire elective as small interprofessional teams will be formed and will need all assigned team members. Deadline to drop elective is 1 week prior to start. Dropping after the deadline will be considered non-participation and will earn a failing grade for the elective.

This elective is offered only once per semester and runs for the full semester, based on the nursing school academic calendar.

Course Information: This course provides opportunities to students with backgrounds in a variety of clinical disciplines to engage in interprofessional team projects in healthcare settings and health and human service organizations and to develop interprofessional competencies and project management skills. Emphasis will be placed on the student’s clinical engagement in the collaborative management of team projects requiring critical assessment, planning, intervention, and evaluation activities using theoretical models and management tools. All projects will address the improved care of patients and populations. Corresponding ethical, legal, and/or social issues relevant to specific patient/organization problems and needs will be addressed. The student will be expected to evaluate and use evidence-based/research findings as a basis for the development of their team projects. Using project management concepts and methods, students will have the opportunity to acquire and apply the necessary skills to develop and lead interprofessional team projects from concept to completion. There will be at least three class meetings per semester, and most of this elective will be accomplished by the individual teams collaborating through face-to-face, virtual, asynchronous, and other mutually agreed upon methods of working together.
Method of Evaluation: Grading will be H/HP/P/F. Students will be given feedback throughout the course as to their teamwork skills and individual interprofessional competencies. The final grade will be determined by assessment of teamwork, as well as quality of final project and final project presentation.