Medical Education (MDED)

Dept. Contact Jonathan Rodriguez
Location SSOM Rm 320
Phone 708-216-6301


SSOM Course Catalog for
Medical Education

ACE-300 Careers in Medicine
MDED-110 Intro to Law in Medicine
MDED-175 Introduction to Osteopathic Medicine
MDED-220 Peer Professionalism Program
MDED-250 Peer Teaching & Mentoring
MDED-275 Intro to Osteopathic Med - Teacher Assistants
MDED-280 Emotional Intelligence and Resilience
MDED-320 Peer Professionalism Program (Executive Board)
MDED-350 Educational Leadership in Academic Medicine
MDED-350.TA Educational Leadership in Academic Medicine - Teaching Assistant
MDED-380 Clinical Reasoning
MDED-400 Physician Wellness through Transcendental Meditation Technique
MDED-420 Medical Teaching
MDED-420B Teaching in Ob/Gyn & Med
MDED-420C Teaching in Surgery & Med
MDED-430 Healer's Art
MDED-440 Healer's Art Reflections
MDED-450 Step 1 Stritch