Pathology (PATH)

Dept. Contact Kathleen Fergus
Location LUH Russo Entrance 0177
Phone 708-216-2587
Department: Pathology
Course Number: PATH-401
Course Title: Clinical Pathology
No. of Students: 2
Site: LUMC
Supervisor: Stephen Kahn, PhD; Kamran Mirza, MD, PhD
Duration: 4.0 weeks
Periods Offered: Sept, Dec, March
Prerequisite: Completion of Medicine clerkship and PATH-405 (combined AP/CP) elective.
Special Note:  
Description: The first half of the elective is spent learning the organization of the clinical laboratories and discussing the various laboratory tests with emphasis on interpretation. The discussions involve blood bank, hematology, urinalysis, microbiology, virology, serology and chemistry tests. The second half is spent discussing the use of laboratory tests in actual cases from the hospital. These discussions usually are attended by a resident in the department, as well as the faculty.
Method of Evaluation: Students will present topics and cases to the faculty and participate in laboratory activities. Evaluation will be based on their overall performance.