Pathology (PATH)

Dept. Contact Kathleen Fergus
Location LUH Russo Entrance 0177
Phone 708-216-2587
Department: Pathology
Course Number: PATH-412
Course Title: Women's Health Issues
No. of Students: 1
Site: LUMC
Supervisor: Xiuzhen Duan, MD; Kamran Mirza, MD, PhD
Duration: 4.0 weeks
Periods Offered: Year round
Prerequisite: Fourth year standing.
Special Note: Participation in Breast Cancer Research is optional.
Description: The students who take this 4-week elective will gain an in-depth exposure to the diagnosis and management of breast cancer from a multidisciplinary perspective. Primary focus is on participation in Pathology, Surgery, and Radiology sessions of the Breast Care Program. Medical students will participate in frozen section, gross dissection and microscopic interpretation of breast cancer specimens (3 days per week). One day per week will be spent in the operating room with review of the specimens in Pathology to provide a more comprehensive view of the diagnostic process. Students will observe (1 day per week) procedures in Radiology including mammography, ultrasound, and needle localization biopsies of breast. Attendance in multidisciplinary breast oncology meeting is mandatory (Friday afternoon). Participation in breast cancer research is optional.
Method of Evaluation: The student's performance is judged on the basis of attendance, case presentation and active participation in the various aspects of the elective.