Specialties Guide
Preventive Medicine

1. Elective Clerkships Highly Recommended

  • Epidemiology/Preventive Medicine/Occupational Health
  • Infectious Disease
  • Third World Health Care
  • Developmental Pediatrics

2. Sub-I Recommended

  • Pediatrics or Internal Medicine

3. Narrative comments:

Preventive Medicine is a recognized medical specialty. Specialty certification is from the American Board of Preventive Medicine, established in 1948. The Board certifies physicians in General Preventive Medicine, Occupational Medicine or Aerospace Medicine. Most programs consist of three required years - one year clinical training involving direct patient care, a year of academic training in the discipline of Preventive Medicine, leading to a Master's Degree in Public Health or an equivalent, and a practicum or field year.

Specialty Expert: Richard Cooper, M.D.
Telephone: 708.327.9010
E-mail: rcooper@lumc.edu