Greetings from the Office of Student Affairs! Our office is here to provide matriculated medical students with information about our medical school, including policies, services, and resources. We support students with academic and personal concerns and enjoy guiding them through this journey of medical education. As the Dean of Students, along with an Assistant Dean, Assistant Director and staff, we help and empower students to enjoy their medical school experience and overcome any challenge which is presented in their path. 

During the course of the student’s medical education, we host several presentations to provide guidance for each class year, are available for individual appointments and connect medical students with career advisors.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality service and support to our students.  We are a dedicated team of student affairs professionals who believe in caring for the whole person and demonstrating compassion in our work.  Our core values are advocacy, service, professionalism, excellence, diversity & inclusion, and stewardship.  We embrace our Jesuit values of spirituality, discernment, compassion, and social justice.  Our guiding principles are teamwork, collaboration, integrity, commitment, and promoting student success at all times. 

Best Regards,

James G. Mendez, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Student Affairs 

(708) 216-8140