Sue Penckofer, PhD, RN, FAAN

Sue Penckofer, PhD, RN, FAAN


Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago

Major Research Interests: Women’s Health, Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Depression, Vitamin D

Chicago Center for Diabetes Translation Research Member

Women’s Health, Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Depression, Vitamin D

Research NIH Training:
Predoctoral Fellowship, Individual NRSA, NIH at the University of Illinois, 1990
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Institutional NRSA, NIH at the  University of Illinois, 1995

Current NIH Funding (PI):
Can the Sunshine Vitamin Improve Mood and Self-Management in Women with Diabetes?  R01NR01306 ($1, 492, 985.00), 6/1/12 to 5/31/16.

Previous NIH Funding (PI):
Depressive Symptoms, Vitamin D for Metabolic Control and Depressive Symptoms in Women with Type 2 Diabetes, University of Chicago pilot project, NIH- NIDDK (5P60DK020595)

A Psychoeducational Intervention for Women with Type 2 Diabetes, NIH-NINR K23 (NR009240) 

Oxidative Stress in Postmenopausal Women, NIH-NINR R-15, National Institute of Nursing Research, American Heart Association of Chicago, American Nurses Foundation.

Editorial Board:
Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing

Reviewer for:
Research in Nursing and Health, Journal of Women's Health, Journal of Biological Research for Nursing, Journal of Psychoneuroendocrinology, Journal of Diabetes and Its Complications.

Special Honors:
Loyola University Faculty Scholar, INA Distinguished Researcher, Ada Sue Hinshaw ANF Scholar, Gloria Smith Health Disparities ANF Scholar

Selected Publications

Penckofer, S., Ferrans, C., Byrn, M.  Mumby, P., Ferrans, C., Harrison, P., Durazo-Arvizu, R., & Lustman, P. (2012).  The Impact of a Psychoeducational Program for Depressed Women with Type 2 Diabetes.  Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 44 (2): 192-206.

Penckofer, S. (2012). Lost in translation: will the ‘personal’ become ‘impersonal’ when conducting research in the age of technology? Clinical Investigation, 2(6): 1-3.

Penckofer, S., Quinn, L., Byrn L., Ferrans, C., Miller, Strange, P.  (2012). Glycemic Variability  Impacts Mood and Quality of Life in Women with Diabetes.  Diabetes, Technology, & Therapeutics, 14: 1-8.

Martyn-Nemeth, P. & Penckofer, S. (2012).  Psychological Vulnerability among Overweight and Obese Adolescents.  Journal of School Nursing, 28: 291-301.

Penckofer, S., Byrn, M., Mumby, P., Ferrans, C.  (2011).  Improving Subject Recruitment,Retention, and Participation in Research Through Peplau’s Theory of Interpersonal Relations.  Nursing Science Quarterly, 24, 146-151.

Penckofer, S. & Emanuele, M. (2010).  Questions and Answers to Vitamin D.  Diabetes Self Management, 53-54.

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