‌Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report a technology issue?

HSC faculty and staff will need to contact the LUC Help Desk at x84ITS and LUHS staff will contact the Trinity Help Desk at x62160 to report any issues with their office computers.  Student issues can be emailed to EdTechSupport@luc.edu or by filling out this form.  Problems with classroom equipment should be directed to EdTechSupport@luc.edu or x65992 (708-216-5992).

How do I request a room?

Please use the room scheduler program on the Application Portal. Log into the portal and select "Room Scheduler." Tips and instructions, along with a step-by-step how-to video, are listed on the default page. Enter in all of the requirements for your event, and it will list all available rooms in that building which meet that criteria.

How long will it take to approve an event?

Most requests for the current academic year will be approved within 1 business day of receipt.

The HSC buildings' primary purpose is to provide classroom/seminar space for the students of Stritch, Niehoff, graduate school, and the new school of public health sciences.  The new academic year starts in the last half of June which means any requests for after that time cannot be approved until the schools finalize their upcoming class schedules and reserve the classroom space they need.   As soon as we have accommodated all classes and University-related activities, we will start approving events in the room scheduler queue in the order in which received.

Just a reminder – a reservation in the queue is only a request for space.  Once the room request is approved you will receive another email stating the approval, and it will appear on the calendar for the appropriate building and room.  If the request conflicts with another event or denied for any reason, you will also receive an email. 

Who do I contact to unlock my conference room door?

Security is notified of the room schedule and is responsible for unlocking any doors. If you find that a door is locked, please contact them directly at x69077.

Do I need to reserve equipment, or can I just stop by the office?

We kindly ask that you reserve any equipment ahead of time, but walk-in requests are fine provided the equipment has not already been reserved.  All borrowed equipment must be picked up and returned to our office in SSOM/Cuneo 184.  Please email us at EdTechSupport@luc.edu, and include what equipment is needed and when you will be picking up and dropping off the equipment.  We will inform you of the status of your request within 1 business day.

How do I request a speakerphone for my event?

Requests for speakerphones should be emailed EdTechSupport@luc.edu.  We strontly advise making your request at least 5 business days in advance.  While most rooms may have a phone jack it may not be active or incompatible with our phones.  In these cases we will need to involve telecom which increases the necessary lead time.

Do you provide evening and weekend support?

Yes, on a case-by-case basis. To request support during off-hours you must fill out this off hours AV tech support request form, and email it in at least 4 weeks prior to your event.  A $100/hour charge (3 hour minimum) may apply.

Alternatively, if you would like to avoid a charge or if your event is less than 4 weeks away, we can arrange for a tech to teach you how to use the room(s) during regular business hours.  You will need to schedule each room you will use for 30 minutes and then email us when the room(s) have been approved.

My department would like to purchase A/V equipment for our own use, but we don't know what we need. Can you help?

Sure! Send an email to EdTechSupport@luc.edu, and we may be able to assist you as time allows with deciding what equipment is necessary for your departmental needs.

Who do I contact when there is an issue with the A/V equipment in an HSD building?

For issues during your meeting, you can reach our department at x65992 or contact the on-call pager at 708-643-4831.

Can you provide a laser pointer or slide advancer for my presentation?

We have them available for loan from our office.  This equipment is best provided by the department as it is not standard equipment in any of our conference rooms, and we only have a limited number of loaners available.  The RemotePoint Navigator is a popular solution, but any USB connected device will work fine.

The Logitech Spotlight is preferred for those rooms with an LCD monitor as the display since a traditional laser pointer is not usable with these monitors.  The Spotlight will work great with any display type!

I have some VCR tapes that I'd like to show, but there are no VCRs anywhere. Can you convert these to DVD?

We do offer this dubbing service for educational use, but only as time allows. We typically can only make one DVD copy of each tape, and you must own the original commercially-produced copy. Please email Ed Tech with what you would like done, along with the timeframe you're working with, and we will try and help.

I need to get copies of a DVD made for my students.  Can you create these?

EdTech can make copies of DVDs for student distribution. The requesting department must supply the blank DVDs. Completion time depends upon the number of copies needed and available resources (usually 5-7 business days).

I want to record my meeting/class presentation. How do I request recording of an event or presentation?

Certain locations throughout SSOM/Cuneo are set up for automatic recording of all lectures and presentations. The large lecture halls (190 and 390) and case method classrooms (360 and 460) are equipped for video capture. The system will automatically capture all audio and video from the presentation computer. In order for the presenter audio to be captured, the presenter must use one of the microphones. These recordings are uploaded to the SSOM calendar 24 hours after the event. Recordings will not be uploaded if they do not include audio. To access your recording:

  1. Go to stritch.luc.edu.
  2. Click on "Calendars."
  3. Click "Course Calendar."
  4. Change the date and check each of the event types. Click "Refresh Calendar."
  5. Find the event you are looking for in the list. Click the link.
  6. The audio and video files are listed on the right hand side. We have a high definition (H.264) version of each video. Click the time to stream. These files cannot be downloaded at this time.

If you are having issues with video playback, please go to our video test page to confirm your device can play the videos. On this page you will find outlined a list of supported versions of the appropriate software, test files for each of the video formats, and test links to our video servers. These results will assist us with the troubleshooting process. If you are experiencing issues, please be as detailed as possible in your email about which video files you are attempting to play and what type of hardware you are using.

SSOM/Cuneo 160 and 170 and MNSON 0505 have the ability to record using Camtasia Studio. Camtasia Studio will capture the screen presentation, program audio, and presenter audio if the lavalier microphone is used. Camtasia Studio recordings can be saved and edited for later playback and distribution. For assistance with using Camtasia Studio, please email us in advance to set up a training session or to schedule a time in the EdTech Digital Media Studio to edit your recorded video.

LUC staff and faculty also have the ability to use Panopto in all HSC classrooms.  Panopto is real-time lecture capture software which allows a user to record a presentation while giving it, and it also has limited editing capabilities.  Recordings are uploaded to your personal Panopto page so it can be shared either via Panopto or your own website.  Some of the HSC classrooms already have everything you will need so please contact us for further details or a training session!

I want to convert my PowerPoint slides from a 4:3 format to a 16:9 format so that they appear full screen.  How do I do this?

All HSC classrooms and meeting rooms were converted to 16:9 projection in 2016.  If your current slides conform to the older 4:3 standard, they may have black bars along the sides or appear stretched when projected.  To avoid this, please follow these conversion steps to convert your slides to the current 16:9 standard with either Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 or 2013.

How do I connect my iPhone, iPad, or Mac laptop to one of the Apple TV devices in CTRE?  Can a Windows laptop connect to an Apple TV?

Each of the conference and seminar rooms in the CTRE is equipped with an Apple TV. This can be used to wirelessly connect your iOS (i.e. - iPhone or iPad) or Mac OS (i.e. - MacBook) device to the monitor/projector in the room.  Instructions have been printed and left in each room, but you can also download instructions for connecting to the Apple TV‌.

Windows laptops cannot natively connect to an Apple TV, but we have had success using a third-party program called AirParrot. This software must be purchased from the vendor at http://www.airsquirrels.com/airparrot/.  You must have your laptop connected to the LUC wireless network, and you will need to enter the IP address (located at the bottom of the monitor) in the connect box in the AirParrot program.

How do I connect to a wireless network?

All users with LUC credentials should connect to the LUC network.  When connecting they will be prompted to enter their UVID and password.  Your password will need to be updated on each device each time it is changed.

Non-LUC users should connect to the LUC-Guest network.  PDF instructions for connecting are at https://www.luc.edu/media/lucedu/helpdesk/pdfs/guestwifi.pdf.