EdTech Digital Media Studio

Would you like to record HD-quality presentations from the comfort of a controlled environment? Educational Technologies has created a dedicated recording studio located in Cuneo 184B for faculty, staff, and students who would like to try Camtasia Studio. Educational Technologies staff will assist you with pre-recording set-up, editing your recording, and final production. Some of the advantages of using Camtasia include:

  • Give your live presentation or lecture only once and show it as many times as you'd like
  • Record video lessons that demonstrate a visual or technical skill
  • Demonstrate a specific process which is used for Just-In-Time support

new_40x32.jpg  We now have the ability to impose your image over your presentation.  Create captivating, animated, and creative videos with our new green screen!  We have a large, permanent screen installed in our studio, and a smaller version that can be used on location.  After recording, we can help you edit, replace backgrounds, and insert footage or images into your video.  Call us to learn more!

Once complete, your presentation can then be emailed, uploaded to your website, or burned onto a CD/DVD for distribution and later playback. We also have Camtasia Studio installed on the PCs in SSOM 160 and 170 as well as MNSON 0505; or you may also borrow our Camtasia laptop for off-site recording. If you would like to set up a recording session, or for more information, please send us an email at EdTechSupport@luc.edu, or call us at x65992.

Here are some examples of how Camtasia Studio can be used: