Poster Printing Services

HSC Classroom Technology Support can provide all users at the LUC Health Sciences Campus with affordable printing services for large posters and technical drawings.  Posters can be printed for any business or non-business event.  Currently, individuals pay outside vendors anywhere from $12-40 per linear foot for a 36” x 60” poster printed on standard paper stock, not including shipping. To make our service competitive, we print on heavyweight matte or glossy poster-quality paper; offer two different paper roll sizes (36” and 42”); and charge only $1.20 per linear inch for matte and $1.40 per linear inch for glossy (rounded up to the next inch) regardless of roll size used. While we support PPT, PPTX, and PDF formats, we highly recommend that all posters be submitted in PDF format to alleviate issues between PowerPoint versions, operating systems, etc.  This is mandatory for all posters created on a Mac.  When saving the file, please select "Save As" and choose PDF as the file type.

We have created four templates formatted to fit on our 36" and 42" poster paper.  The templates are mainly there to serve as a starting point; its use is not required.  As long as your submission adheres to our size requirement it can be printed.  If you design your own poster, please refer to this page so that the official Loyola colors are used.  These templates also meet the size requirements necessary for the St. Albert's Day displays.

Standard job turnaround is 3 business days.  Users must submit their requests online via this website where the job will be queued and printed.  Once the poster has been submitted it is printed AS IS.  HSC Classroom Technology Support will NOT make any corrections and will NOT reprint due to formatting issues or typographical errors as they are the sole responsibility of the submitter.  If a poster must be reprinted due to an error in the file, the user will be responsible for payment for both posters.

It is required that all submissions be formatted to include 36" or 42" as one of the two dimensions.  You will be charged in inches for the other dimension.  Double-sizing can be done only as specified in the form below.  Other dimensions submitted may have unprinted space that will not be cut (see Terms and Conditions below).  You must also ensure that there is at least a 1/2" border along all edges of your poster as any images or text within this space may be cut off when printed.

After the poster has been printed, you will be notified to come and pick-up your finished job from Cuneo 184 between the hours of 9am - 4:30pm, Monday through Friday.   If you are paying by credit card, you will receive an email directing you to our TOUCHNET credit card site along with the information you will need to submit with your payment.   Once you have paid for your poster, please bring either a printed or electronic receipt to our office as proof of payment.   If billed to a department, the department will be billed within 45 days of submission.  By hitting the Submit button below you commit to paying for the poster whether or not it is picked up from our office.

Please feel free to email the ITS Service Desk at with any additional questions, and specify that it is regarding poster printing at HSC.