The CITE committee accomplishes its responsibilities for policies and recommendations on the effective implementation of technology to support and enhance the medical curriculum and tracking of educational outcomes that occurs in collaboration with the Information Technology Group and the Health Sciences Library.

Responsibilities of CITE include to:

  • Develop policies affecting the distribution and configuration of technology;
  • Develop, promote and oversee procedures to facilitate the implementation of technology that support educational pedagogy by faculty;
  • Identify, evaluate and make recommendations pertaining to technological devices and innovative methods of using technology to deliver educational programs, to include online learning environments;
  • Recommend the use of student technology fees for hardware and software purchases related to the curriculum;
  • Evaluate possible integration with other technological initiatives (e.g., library, simulation center), and
  • Monitor and stimulate use of technology by students and faculty to include possible training of faculty and students.
  • Provide recommendations in regards to the formation of educational databases that will facilitate curricular administration, student outcome analysis and ensure alignment with LCME database requirements and reporting structure.