The Loyola Urology Department has an active research effort, with a faculty that consist of one full-time scientist. Physicians can also find out more here about the department's active clinical trials, or peruse a rundown of current research projects the department is working on.

About clinical trials

A clinical trial is a study done on patients who are receiving or are in need of medical treatment. The purpose of a clinical trial is to gather information on a specific medical treatment such as a medication, technique, or surgical procedure. The type of information gathered differs among trials as well, and might include data on cost, effectiveness, safety, and possible side-effects. Many trials focus on comparisons between a new treatment and an existing medicine, technique, or procedure. Other trials might focus on new ways of using an already established treatment. Data-gathering techniques include patient questionnaires, lab tests, physical examinations, and/or information collected during surgery.

Some studies are sponsored by industries involved in the medical field (such as product manufacturers or pharmaceutical companies), while physicians or non-physician investigators initiate others. In some studies, the sponsors may pay for the cost of the treatment; in others, the patient or his/her insurance may be responsible for the cost of the care.

Patients involved in a clinical trial will always sign an informed consent document before being enrolled in the study and before any data is collected. This document outlines the purpose of the research, the procedure to be done, its possible risks and benefits, financial considerations, available alternatives, and the policies regarding research-related injuries and withdrawal from the study. All clinical trials and all informed consent documents have been approved by the sponsor of the study, the principal investigator here at Loyola, and the Loyola University Medical Center Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects.

Any patient may stop participating in a clinical trial at any time and for any reason without anyone objecting and without affecting his/her care at Loyola University Medical Center.

For more information regarding clinical trials being done in the Department of Urology, please see the Loyola University Health System's listing of clinical trials. If you are interested in learning more about a trial being sponsored by our department, contact the Clinical Trials Office at 708/216-0291.