M1/M2 SWAG Wellness Program



Through participation in this program, Stritch students will:

  • Cultivate sustained wellness habits through goal setting and peer accountability
  • Become familiar with wellness resources on campus
  • Reflect on wellness choices and patterns to assess their own health accurately
  • Effectuate healthy lifestyles in the areas of nutrition, fitness, social-emotional and mental health
  • Build skills to incorporate wellness into their professional identity

SWAG Group

  • Students are placed into wellness groups of four or five, chosen at random
  • Groups meet at least monthly for SWAG Bag discussion (see below)
  • Students may decide how they’d like to use their groups.  Some ideas include:
    Workout groups or meet ups
    Meditation group sessions
    Healthy lunch meet-ups
    Shared food prep/exchange
    Regular gratitude sharing
    Wellness goal setting/accountability check-ins
    Establish check-in dates throughout the year for mental health and stress


  • Students meet monthly to reflect on different wellness topics provided by Student Life in their SWAG Bag. Each bag will include:
    Discussion questions, articles, activities, or group challenges, etc. around a specific wellness topic
    Healthy snacks for when you meet up
    Coupons from local places for health/wellness or ideas/resources
    Random prizes! One to five groups per month will receive cool prizes in their SWAG Bag.  These include gift certificates to local restaurants, grocers, or businesses, Stritch apparel, etc.
  • SWAG bag pick-up happens in the offices in the Curie community on or near the 15th of every month
  • Students need to return the SWAGbags to Student Life by the 30th of every month


If you are an M2 and would like to sign up for the SWAG Wellness Program, please contact Student Life at ssom-studentlife@luc.edu.