Health Services

Loyola University Medical Center Student Health Services (SHS)

Mandatory Student Health Fee
Students are required to pay a mandatory student health fee.  With this fee, access to healthcare is provided by the professionals and staff of the Loyola Employee and Student Health Services located at the south end of the medical center campus in the Loyola Outpatient Center (LOC), 2160 S. 1st Ave, third floor. The direct phone number is 708-216-3156.

Student Health Services Medical Staff

Tiffany Libby APRN - Employee and Student Health Nurse Practioner



All appointments require prior registration by calling 1-888-LUHS-888 (or ext 6-3156)

General Office Hours:
Monday - Friday: 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Closed 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. each day

Immediate Care Service

Students who require Emergent medical services after Student Health hours or on the weekend can be seen at:

Loyola Center for Health at River Forest Immediate Care: 7617 W. North Ave 708-771-1300

Loyola Center for Health at Burr Ridge Immediate Care6800 N Frontage Rd 708-327-1064

Weekdays open until 8 p.m.; Weekends and Holidays, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. (Closed Christmas Day).

Emergency Services

Students who require emergency services should go to the Loyola University Health System Emergency Department or the Closest ER in an emergency. (Note: This is not covered under student health).


Primary Care and Specialist Visits

Students need to secure a primary care physician and use their personal health insurance for their on-going medical treatments, including prescription refills, follow-up for illness and injury care, and medical management of health conditions

Appointments for primary care and specialist visits can be made by calling 1-888-LUHS-888


Student Health Services Provided

Services provided under the Student Health fee include:

  • Illness, injury, needle sticks, chemical/biological/other exposures
  • Release from, or return to, school clearances
  • TB surveillance testing
  • Mandatory fit-testing
  • Mandatory Influenza Immunization
  • Completion of forms for away rotations
  • Well Woman Check
  • Rapid Strep testing
  • Urinalysis

Additional Fees
The Student Health fee does not covers the costs of vaccinations (measles, mumps, rubella, Tdap, varicella, hepatitis B), urine drug screenings, lab work including blood titers, x-rays and any other diagnostic tests, and specialist referrals.

Services Not Covered by the Mandatory Fee:

  • Emergency Department visits or hospital admission at any other care facility including LUHS
  • Medical evaluation and treatment at any other care facility including LUHS

Immunization Cost and Information

The cost below reflects the out-of-pocket expense for each student. 

1. Hepatitis B quantitative titer: $266

2. Measles quantitative titer: $170

3. Mumps quantitative titer: $193

4. Rubella quantitative titer: $185

5. Varicella quantitative titer: $245

6. Quantiferon Gold: $121.66

7. Lab Fee: $55 (to be charged at each lab visit.)

The cost below reflect the out-of-pocket expense (not billed through insurance if given in Student Health).

1. Hepatitis B vaccine: $75 each

2. Tdap vaccine: $43 each

3. MMR vaccine: $55 each

4. Varicella vaccine: $110 each

5. Influenza vaccine: $0

6. Quantiferon Gold: $0

Note that immunizations may be more economically obtained through the student’s primary care provider under their personal health coverage, depending on the student’s plan.