Student Health Insurance 

All SSOM students are required to have personal health insurance. Loyola’s NEW student health insurance provider is United Healthcare Student Resources.  Students may visit the plan website at to view a full plan description, plan benefits, exclusions, limitations, and terms of coverage.

Eligibility Requirements

Loyola University Chicago’s Board of Trustees requires that all undergraduate students enrolled for 12 or more credit hours, all graduate and professional students enrolled for eight or more credit hours or students registered for Thesis or Dissertation Supervision at the start of the Fall and Spring terms have health care insurance.

All students meeting the above eligibility requirements will automatically be billed for the Student Health Insurance by the University on their student account and enrolled in the plan, if a waiver is not submitted before the deadline date. 

In the event that a student does not meet the eligibility requirements to be automatically billed by the University for Loyola’s Student Health Insurance, but would still like to purchase coverage, he or she can do so by visiting United Healthcare Student Resources website at

How to Fast-Track into Loyola's Student Health Insurance:

If you want to enroll in Loyola’s Health Insurance and already have the insurance charge on your student account, it is highly recommended that you take the following action:

  1. Log into LOCUS and select “Campus Finances”
  2. Select “Student Health Insurance”
  3. Click on the “Fast Track” button and follow the prompts

Fast Tracking confirms that you have accepted Loyola’s student health insurance coverage, activates your enrollment into the plan, and allows an insurance card to be generated within seven to 10 business days. More information on Student Health Insurance can be found here.

How to Waive Out of Loyola's Student Health Insurance:

If you have your own insurance already or are covered under your parent’s plan, you may waive out of Loyola’s Student Health Insurance by providing proof of other coverage.

  1. Log into LOCUS and select “Campus Finances”, then  “Student Health Insurance”
  2. Select the “Waive out” button and submit your insurance information
  3. The insurance fee will be credited to your student account within 48 hours

Fall Waiver DEADLINE – OCTOBER 1, 2018

Spring Waiver DEADLINE – FEBRUARY 28, 2019

Students may purchase additional coverage for a spouse or dependent(s) from United Healthcare.

Students who waived out of the plan that experience a loss of coverage during the year may enroll in the school’s plan by submitting a qualifying life event form to United Healthcare Student Resources.  The QLE criteria are clearly explained on the form.  Turning 26 and aging off a parent’s plan is the most common reason for off-cycle enrollment.  Please note that waiving the insurance at the beginning of the year will refund the fee.  To obtain financial aid for new enrollment please speak with financial aid:  For questions about health insurance fees, please contact the bursar, Laura Zaucha at

Primary Care Physicians for Students

Students should secure a primary care physician and use their personal health insurance for their on-going medical treatment, including prescription refills, follow-up for illness and injury care, and medical management of health conditions.

Arrangements for primary care and specialist visits can be made through the Loyola Medicine website at or by calling 888-LUHS-888 or with a recommendation by the SHS staff

Specialists and Consultants

Students with ongoing needs for specialist or consultant evaluation and treatment are required to establish their treatment relationships with a primary care physician. Referrals to specialists and consultants do not require students to have a primary care physician if the student is on the university Student Insurance plan. Other insurance plans may require a referral by a primary care physician. Please review your own plan for details.

Appointments with specialists and consultants can be made through the Loyola Medicine website at or by calling 888-LUHS-888. Please review your insurance plan for applicable need for referral requirements and co-pays. You can search for a Loyola physician by specialty or special interest at Students may also request a recommendation of a specialist by the SHS staff.

Counseling Services

Counseling is available to students through Perspectives. Information on available services can be found here.

Travel Medicine

Students preparing for foreign travel are directed to the Loyola Travel Medicine Clinic in the Loyola Outpatient Center (third floor) and in the Loyola Center for Health at Burr Ridge.   Appointments can be made through or by calling 888-LUHS-888. This service requires cash payment at time of visit.  Understanding which immunizations are required can be found through

Allergy Medicine

Students requiring regular treatment of allergy conditions with desensitization injections are directed to the Loyola Allergy Medicine clinic in the Loyola Outpatient Center or at the Center for Health at Burr Ridge.  Appointments can be made through or by calling 888-LUHS-888. This will be billed to your personal health Insurance.