Environmental Health

Local agencies and companies as well as a number of academic departments and programs within the University have collaborated to guide coursework and promote practice-based research to current issues within the field of environmental health. The division was developed in collaboration with experts from the United States Environmental Protection Agency and with faculty members from Loyola’s Institute of Environmental Sustainability. Our research focuses on policies and outcomes related to water quality and management, pesticides, and vector control.

Our current operational research has centered on the the association of mosquitoes and pesticides with public infrastructure (including what is often referred to as "Green Infrastructure") and the evaluation of mosquito control pesticides. 

Our work provides further evidence that mosquito species capable of transmitting West Nile Virus (WNV) can be found widely in public infrastructure. We have also found that some commonly-used pesticide formulations may not be effective in reducing these mosquitoes in many stormwater catch basins.  Hundreds of thousands of these structures can exist in metropolitan areas and are among the most common public infrastructure sources associated with mosquitoes.

List of mosquito and public infrastructure peer-reviewed publications

Industry magazine articles and book chapter