Our Department was founded in 1989 with a mission of research and teaching.  We teach public health and biostatistics within the medical school curriculum and provide consultation and support in data analysis for Loyola researchers).

Our faculty are actively engaged in biomedical research across the spectrum from genomics to prevention to public health policy.  A major focus of our research has been cardiovascular diseases in the African diaspora (See the research paper PDF).  Beginning from 1991, we have had continuous NIH support for studies of hypertension, diabetes, obesity, renal disease and related conditions in West Africa, the Caribbean and among African Americans in metropolitan Chicago. Our research program now includes a wide range of studies, including observational population cohorts, clinical trials and genetic analyses, among others.

Collaborative educational projects and research have always been important in academic the life of our Department.  Our faculty have participated in teaching seminars in numerous foreign countries, at the present time including Mexico, Jamaica, Ghana, Nigeria and Spain.   As is described in detail elsewhere, we have currently have active research collaborations with more than a dozen countries in Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America.  In keeping with our interest in the health of diverse populations we have also played a major role in the debate over racial and genetic factors in health disparities. See these research pages.

Representative Publications

For further information see the web pages of individual faculty and the specific educational and research programs.