Global Health Programs

The Department of Public Health Sciences in teaching a research through a variety of collaborative programs. The Director of our Global Health Program is Dr. Amy Luke. Traveling to Nigeria for the first time in 1998, Dr. Luke initiated her first project on the relationship between weight regulation and energy expenditure, as well as continuing to work with Dr. Cooper on a range of research including the genetic and environmental determinants of hypertension.

Dr. Luke has spent a significant amount of time coordinating field research in West Africa (Nigeria and Ghana), the Caribbean (Jamaica) and here in Maywood, and currently has a multi-country study of the environmental determinants of obesity in African-origin populations, with study sites in rural Ghana, Seychelles, urban South Africa, Jamaica and the US (Maywood).

Sickle cell in Africa is a major focus of Dr. Cooper's research at the present time and he serves as the convener of the AfroSickleNet (ASN).  The AfroSickleNet project is a collaboration of investigators in Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya, together with research groups in the US, Canada, and Jamaica.  The primary goals of the Network are to define the genetic and environmental determinants of the clinical course of sickle cell and promote the implementation of newborn screening programs and better clinical management.

Dr. Durazo has established collaborative programs with the university hospital in Hermosillo, Mexico and at the "UNAM" - Universidad Nacional Autonomo de Mexico (National Autonomous University of Mexico).  Dr. Durazo is also actively involved in research and student exchanges with Universidad Miguel Hernandez, Valencia, Spain.