Health Services Research

Health services research (HSR) addresses the organization, delivery and financing of health care from the perspectives of patients, caregivers, providers, managers, and government agencies.  This involves evaluating the structure, process and outcomes of health care including issues related to access, equity, quality, safety and costs.  HSR is typically a team activity, involving researchers from multiple disciplines including health economics, social sciences, public health, clinical medicine, decision sciences, statistics and organizational sciences.

Several centers and programs are available for investigators and students in our program facilitating the conduct of HSR.

The Center of Innovation for Complex Chronic Healthcare  - CINCCH

CINCCH is one of 19 centers of innovation within the Veterans Health Administration conducting HSR.  CINCCH's mission is to improve healthcare and outcomes for Veterans with complex chronic illnesses across the spectrum of care. To improve care and outcomes for Veterans with complex needs, CINCCH investigators will engage in activities that enhance the provision of patient-centered, evidence-based care, and identify new effective models of healthcare delivery.

Data Interest Group at the Stritch School of Medicine – DIG

The DIG is a standing group comprised of faculty/staff from medicine, surgery, information technology, quality assurance, nursing, public health, and hospital operations. The focus is to work with clinical and administrative data from the Loyola and Gottlieb health systems, and eventually with data from the larger Catholic Health East-Trinity healthcare system. Part of the DIG’s charge is to develop policies and procedures for utilizing administrative and clinical data from the electronic medical record (EMR) for research and quality assurance.  In addition, the members of DIG are expected to encourage clinicians, fellows, residents and students to consider utilizing EMR-based data for research activities.

Chicago Area Patient Centered Outcomes Research Network – CAPriCORN

Loyola University Health System (LUHS) is one of the 11 healthcare institutions in the Chicago area participating in CAPriCORN. Funded by the patient-centered outcomes research institute (PCORI), by the time of project completion in 2015, the CAPriCORN will have captured complete longitudinal clinical information on more than 1 million patients (~50% nonwhite) in a virtual network, and will allow investigators to efficiently conduct comparative effectiveness research (CER) trials and observational studies.

In addition, our faculty members have expertise and have published with nationally available datasets for HSR and are involved in locally administered programs.  

Health Services Research Faculty:

Our faculty includes investigators with various backgrounds and experiences. We work closely with the community members, clinicians, and others members from Loyola University and outside to investigate the most pressing issues in health care and public health. We also teach the health policy and management, health services research, and health economics classes in our MPH program.

Ruth Kafensztok, DrPH
Assistant Professor Public Health Sciences

  • Research interests: Injury surveillance, utilization of emergency medical services, use of administrative data for surveillance and data dissemination, public health services and systems research
  • Teaching interests: Public health practice and concepts

Talar Markossian, PhD, MPH
Assistant Professor Public Health Sciences

  • Research interests: Economic evaluation of health programs and variations in care delivery and health outcomes
  • Teaching interests: Health services and policy research methods 

Kevin Stroupe, PhD
Associate Professor Public Health Sciences

VA appointment title: Associate Director, Center of Innovation for Complex Chronic Healthcare

  • Research interests: Health economics, cost-effectiveness, health policy
  • Teaching interests: Health economics and healthcare finance

Frances M. Weaver, PhD
Professor Public Health Sciences

VA appointment title: Director, Center of Innovation for Complex Chronic Healthcare

  • Research interests: neurologic conditions, prevention of secondary conditions, program evaluation,  use of administrative and clinical data for research, implementation research
  • Teaching interests: research methods