Burn and Shock Trauma Research Institute

The Burn and Shock Trauma Research Institute is a unique community of scientists and clinicians devoted the study of traumatic injury. A multidisciplinary research institute, our programs include both clinical and laboratory research relevant to trauma injury and burns. In our laboratories, our scientists investigate the body's reaction to injury and infection, with the hope that their research findings may someday lead to innovative therapies for trauma and burn patients.

Cardiovascular Research Institute

Loyola's Cardiovascular Research Institute (CVRI) exists to stimulate cardiovascular research, broadly defined, within the Loyola University Chicago Health Sciences Division.  The CVRI provides research support for CVRI faculty and students, maintains shared resources, and enhances collaboration among our membership.  CVRI faculty from diverse academic departments are engaged in research directed toward topics related to cardiovascular diseases. The CVRI consists of 5 divisions including neuroscience, public health, cardiac physiology and biophysics, vascular biology and hemostasis, and cardiac and vascular surgery.

Infectious Disease & Immunology Research Institute

The mission of the Infectious Disease and Immunology Research Institute (InDIRI) is to understand interactions between microbes and the immune system, and to translate this knowledge to the treatment, control and prevention of diseases caused by human infectious agents. We are committed to establishing collaborations among basic and clinical scientists studying microbes and the immune system.