Spanish Language and Culture Education: Weekly Language Classes

Classes are divided based on Spanish language abilities:

  • Beginner: Essential phrases, basic terminology & relevant questions
  • Intermediate: Taking a full patient history
  • Advanced: Take a full patient history and conversation skills

Curriculum is student designed, initiated and driven:

  • Curriculum is developed by peer teachers based on continuous student feedback
  • Content parallels  M1/M2 curriculum depending on language level
  • Students attend four cultural competency events throughout the course of the elective
  • Peer-led model: M1/M2 students with advanced speaking ability may apply to become teachers for fellow classmates.

Teachers attend a comprehensive teaching training day, have access to an online curriculum folder with Powerpoints and additional materials, and receive continuous support from mentors.

Additional components of each class include:

  • Mock Standardized Patient exam in Spanish with real SP’s
  • Opportunity for Interpreter shadowing at LUHS

Link to Our Online Curriculum

Link to the Patient Interview Checklist in Spanish