Interpreter Opportunities

Spanish Interpreter Shadowing

  • Students at all class levels have the opportunity to shadow Loyola Hospital Interpreters in the inpatient and outpatient setting
  • The shadowing experience lasts approximately 1 hour
  • Goals for students include:
    • Develop realistic understanding of their own abilities
    • Learn to work with an interpreter
    • Understand the challenges of language barriers for the patients
    • Deepen their culture competency

Spanish Bi-Lingual Medical Student Certification Program

Advanced Spanish students may take the Loyola Medical Spanish Interpreter Assessment (outsourced to ALTA Language Services)

  • Those that pass the assessment have the opportunity to serve as Interpreters at the Loyola Outpatient Access to Care clinic.
  • Goals for students include:
    • Evaluating their language abilities before their clerkship years
    • Offering those with advanced skills the opportunity to use their Medical Spanish in a clinical setting
  • Detailed program description