Career Seminars




Academia vs. Industry (5/11/2017)

Erin Zook, Ph.D.

Dr. Erin Zook is a Principal Scientist at BD Biosciences and a Loyola graduate.

Life as a Scientist II (4/13/2017)

Val Manaves, M.S.

Scientist II - Abbvie.

Panel Discussion with the Association for Women in Science (AWIS) Chicago Chapter (2/21/2017)

Ana Shulla, Ph.D. and Barbara Di Eugenio, Ph.D.

Dr. Ana Shulla is a Senior Scientist at Abbott and a Loyola graduate. Dr. Barbara Di Eugenio is a professor at University of Illinois Chicago.

Insight Data Science (2/7/2017)

Anne Bessman, Ph.D.

Data Scientist - Insight Data Science

Women in Science: From Graduate School to Abbvie Medical Writer (12/13/2016)

Mrinal Shah, Ph.D.

Senior Medical Writer - Abbvie

Breaking into a "Non-Traditional" Career Path in Industry (11/17/2016)

Kim Cardenas, Ph.D. (Technical Application Scientist) & Kelly Lundsten (Business Segment Manager, Advanced Cytometry)


Careers Beyond Academia: From Job Ad to Interview (9/14/2016)

Ryan Wheeler, M.A.

Director of Career, International, and Postdoctoral Services - Scripps


My Past 7 Years in a Startup, as a Faculty Member, and as an Asst. Dean (5/19/2016)

Julie Tetzlaff, PhD (

Assistant Professor of Pathology - Medical College of Wisconsin

Powerpoint: Academia, Industry, and a Combination of the Two!

The Power of Basics (3/24/2016)

Gerard Egan, PhD (

Management Consultant - Egan Consultants

Careers in Education Management (2/9/2016)

Brian Grublesky, MS (

Illinois Math and Science Academy (IMSA), SEI Program Manager

Powerpoint: Teaching from Beyond the Classroom

Hedging your Bets: Translating your Scientific Skill-Set to the Business World (1/26/2016)

Jake Simson, PhD (

Analyst - RA Capital Management LLC

Making Our CASE: Catalyzing Advocacy in Science and Engineering (1/12/2016)

Jen Haick (

Loyola PhD Student

Powerpoint: Making our CASE

Research Careers in Academics Vs. Start-up Companies Vs. Pharma (11/19/2015)

Dave Kranz, PhD (

University of Illinois - Professor of Biochemistry

Science Careers in Industry (11/2/2015)

Shawn Bairstow, PhD (

Baxter Healthcare Corporation - Senior Research Scientist

Successful Careers in STEM through Networking (10/19/2015)

Holly Falk-Krzesinski, PhD (

Elsevier - VP for Global Academic & Research Relations

Powerpoint: Guidance for Successful STEM Careers

Seminar and Q&A Session (10/12/2015)

Keith Fargo, PhD (

Alzheimer's Association - Director, Scientific Programs & Outreach

Ymir Genomics: A Case Study for a New Kind of Biotech Start-up (8/19/15)

Shannon Perdergrast, PhD (

Ymir Genomics - Chief Scientific Officer


Career Monte Carol Simulation: There is No Road (5/28/15)

Dr. Michael S. Bradley

Thermo Scientific - Marketing Manager (division of FT-IR Spectrometers and Microscopes)

GSC Presents: What Does a Patent Agent Do? (5/18/15)

Magda Cilella, PhD

Brinks Gilson & Lione - Senior Scientific Advisor & Patent Agent

GSC Presents: Adam Ruben (3/23/15)

Adam Ruben, PhD

Author: Surviving Your Stupid, Stupid Decision to Go to Grad School

Writer: Science - "Experimental Error" humor column

Television co-hots: Outrageous Acts of Science (Science Channel) & Superhuman Science (Discovery International Channel)

Sanaria Inc.

GSC Presents: Considering a Career as a Medical Science Liaison? (3/11/15)

Dennis Goussetis, PhD, MSL


Career Thinking: What I Learned From an Octopus (11/19/14)

Leora Baumgarten, PhD

New-Hire - Vice President

GSC Presents: Considering a Career in Industry? (10/21/14)

Marta Melar-New, PhD, MBA

Baxter Ventures - Senior Associate

Parkinson's Disease: Modeled in Yeasts, Insights by Undergraduates (9/15/14)

The Small College Professor: Why and How to Become One

Dr. Shubhik DebBurman

Lake Forest College - Professor


GSC Presents: Considering a Career in Big Pharma? (5/15/14)

Lorena Kallal, PhD


GSC Presents: Considering a Career in Clinical Research? (4/14/14)

Amanda Rice, PhD

Clinical Research/Consultant

GSC Presents: Considering a Career in Sales? (2/19/14)

Dawn Farruggio, PhD


Chutes and Ladders: Navigating a Scientific Career in Big Pharma (1/22/14)

Dr. Doug Faunce

Allegran, Inc.

ESTEEM (Engineering, Science, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Excellence, Master's) Graduate Program Seminar (1/15/14)

David Murphy

Notre Dame

So you Think you Want to Teach? Faculty Jobs at Undergraduate Colleges and Universities (10/2/13)

Dr. Robin Rylaarsdam, PhD

Benedictine University - Professor/Researcher