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2013 HepNet Meeting

Africa Collaborative Hepatitis Network Inaugural Meeting took place in the Conference room at the Grand Tulip Hotel in Kumasi, Ghana on August 12th and 13th of 2013.

At this inaugural meeting we set forth to bring together a complementary panel of world-wide experts and clinicians vested in addressing the over-riding objective on HepNet:

The establishment of a multidisciplinary structured “hepatitis network” that will enhance our collective ability to address the fundamental questions surrounding the hepatitis epidemics in West Africa.

During those 2 days the topics discussed were general information about Hepatitis, Hepatitis B and C and Hepatocarcinoma primarily in Africa up to date, it was enriched by some of the ongoing research projects of colleagues and experience in the field involving topics in epidemiology, genomics, molecular virology, and epidemiology strategies for collaborative partnership studies. The agenda topics included were:




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