Protocols / Studies

‘HepNet Blood Bank Study’

Location: Kumasi, Ghana

Investigators: J Layden, R Phillips, S Owusu-Ofori, O Opare-Sem, S Sarfo, D Owusu, N Mora, L Dugas, A Luke, S Kliethermes, D Shoham, K Nelson, J Forbi, Y Khudyakov, R Cooper.

Involved Sites: KATH / KNUST, Loyola, CDC, John Hopkins

Status: Completed enrollment

Study summary: Enrolled 363 individual identified through the Kumasi, Ghana blood bank. We examined the serologic and virologic status of HCV cases, assessed risk factors for HCV infection, and conducted viral sequencing of active cases.

Study Manuscripts: One has been submitted and another is in preparation. Cohort Status: We have stored samples (serum, plasma, DNA) and datasets on all participants.

‘Obuasi, Ghana Population Study’

Status: Prospective enrollment started 5/1/2014.

Investigators: J Layden, R Phillips, S Sarfo, O Opare-Sem, D Owusu, N Mora, L Dugas, J Forbi, Y Khudyakov, K Nelson, R Cooper.

Involved Sites: Obuasi, KATH / KNUST, Loyola, CDC, John Hopkins

Study objectives: Define the population level epidemiologic of HCV and examine transmission pathways through the use of viral phylogenetic studies and social Objectives: network analyses.

Cohort Status: As of 6/10/2014, 2,061 individuals have been enrolled, including collection of blood samples and surveys.

‘HBV Vertical Transmission Pilot Studies’

Status: Ongoing

Investigators: R Larsen-Reindorf, J Layden, L Dugas, K Nelson, S Ehrhardt, A Cheng, J Jose.

Objectives: Determine feasibility and acceptability of a therapeutic based vertical transmission prevention study

Study Status: Data collection completed and data analysis ongoing.

‘HBV Disease States at a Tertiary Hospital in Kumasi, Ghana’

Status: Ongoing

Investigators: S Sarfo, O Opare-Sem, R Phillips, J Layden, H Nde, N Mora.

Characterize the HBV disease states of individuals referred to HBV clinic.

Study Status: Data collection completed, analysis ongoing, manuscript in preparation.

Health Baby Initiative Cohort: HBV Disease in pregnant women and their male partners

Status: Ongoing

Investigators: E Ezeanolue, J Layden, A Hunt, N Mora, R Cooper.

Objectives: Determine the prevalence and risk factors of HBV infection in the Health Baby Initiative Cohort (E Ezeanolue, PI).

Study Status: Data analysis ongoing, manuscript in preparation.