Students Advising Students (SAS) is an organization that was designed to provide knowledge and advice about various pertinent topics faced by medical students during their four years at SSOM, including USMLE Boards, third-year clerkships, and residency programs. It consists of a group of third and fourth year medical students whose role is to serve as a source of information for other SSOM students.


Here are just a few of our exciting activities to look out for:

Yearlong Fall/Winter Spring/Summer
M1-M2 block information emails M1, M2, M3 orientation sessions Away Rotation Panel

OSCE prep tutor sessions

Anatomy Panel, Research Panels Step 1 Panels
M2-M4 mentoring M1 Information Fair Post Match Panels
Google drive resources Work-Life balance groups

"How to Give a Patient Presentation" Workshop

On this site you will find helpful resources for classes, FAQs, an external link to Stritch's faculty advisor program, as well as bios on members of SAS with information on our advising areas of expertise. SAS members apply because they have a passion for helping fellow students, do not be bashful to ask any questions or come to us for help.


Have any ideas on how we can better serve fellow students or have any questions/comments? Email stritchsas@gmail.com

Interested in joining SAS? We send out applications to rising M3s in the spring of their M2 year as well as M4s depending on availability.