Here you will find the fourth year, third year, faculty, and alumni leaders of Students Advising Students. Please use them as a resource. These leaders came to SAS with a passion for helping fellow students, and will not be bugged by any questions you may have. Listed with their names are a bit of information about each leader as well as a contact email to help you identify someone with a particular area of experience/expertise for any specific question(s) you may have.


MS4 Leaders

Ryan Bonner, Co-Director

Ryan Bonner, Co-Director

Hometown:Westborough, MA

Undergraduate School: Boston College, Class of 2013

Non-School Experience: City Year (AmeriCorps)

Specialty Choice: Infectious Disease, Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine

Questions on these? I’d love to answer: Having a distance relationship in school, tutoring, finding research mentors. Really anything though.

Contact email: rbonner@luc.edu

Giselle Sabal, Co-Director

Giselle Sabal, Co-Director

Hometown: Frankfort, IL

Undergraduate School: University of Notre Dame Class of 2014

Specialty Choice: Internal Medicine

Questions on these? I’d love to answer: Medical Spanish, Global Health Honors, GFE/ISI Trips, Incorporating research into Global Health Projects, Chicago Life, Step 1 Resources, Co-Rec Volleyball, Anything!

Contact email: gsabal@luc.edu

Audrey Hertenstein

Audrey Hertenstein

Hometown: Morton, IL

Undergraduate School: Boston University Class of 2013

Specialty Choice: Family Medicine <3

Questions on these? I’d love to answer: Physicians for Human Rights, Global Health Honors Program, Albert Schweitzer Fellowship, Balancing Community Volunteering with class, ISI/GFE, Peer Tutoring, Study Plans

Contact email: ahertenstein@luc.edu

Bryan Menapace

Bryan Menapace

Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI

Undergraduate School: University of Wisconsin, 2012

Specialty Choice: Pediatric Orthopedics

Questions on these? I’d love to answer: Involvement and leadership, pursuing additional degrees, Step 1, research

Contact email: bmenapace@luc.edu

Valerie Grant

Valerie Grant

Hometown: Okemos, Michigan

Undergraduate School: University of Michigan BS Biochemistry

Non-School Experience: University of Wisconsin-Madison MS at the Neuroscience Training Program, teaching math and science at St Ambrose Academy, primary (stay at home) parent 2 years

Specialty Choice: Ob Gyn, some kind of surgery

Questions on these? I’d love to answer: having a young family in med school, planning for pregnancy in medical training, Bioethics and Professionalism Honors Program

Contact email: vgrant1@luc.edu

Maggie Foster

Maggie Foster

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Undergraduate School: St. Louis University

Non-School Experience: engineering internships, study abroad in France, medical mission trip in Haiti

Specialty Choice: fitness, nutrition, emergency medicine, French

Questions on these? I’d love to answer: Anki and spaced repetition, using FA during M1 and M2 years, seasonal depression in Chicago, meal prepping and BlueApron

Contact email: margaretffoster@gmail.com

Elycia Kazemian-Marvi

Elycia Kazemian-Marvi

Hometown: Denver, CO

Undergraduate School: Creighton University

Specialty Choice: Otolaryngology

Questions on these? I’d love to answer:Jazzed to advise about school/life balance and staying happy and sane! Have participated in clinical research, med Spanish, translating at Access To Care clinic, Anesthesiology Preceptorship Enrichment Program, LUC mentors, Bioethics Honors

Contact email: ekazemianmarvi@luc.edu

Jasleen Singh

Jasleen Singh

Hometown: Naperville, IL

Undergraduate School: Loyola University

Non-School Experience: Cardiovascular Research, Tutoring

Specialty Choice: Neurology, Psychiatry, Pain Management, Radiology

Questions on these? I’d love to answer: Studying tips, Mentorship experiences, Commuting, Honors Program in Bioethics and Professionalism and anything else you want to know about!

Contact email: jsingh3@luc.edu

Arnaud Wautlet

Arnaud Wautlet

Hometown: Scottsdale, Arizona / Switzerland

Undergraduate School: University of Chicago

Non-School Experience: Traveling, skiing, soccer, tennis, hiking, reading

Specialty Choice: Internal medicine, but pretty unsure at this point.

Questions on these? I’d love to answer: bench research and finding a mentor, medical Spanish, Time management, Transitioning to med school after taking time off, Teaching 

Contact email: awautlet90@gmail.com

MS3 Leaders

Sarah Brownlee

Sarah Brownlee

Hometown: Tampa Florida

Undergraduate School: Yale University

Non-School Experience: Biological anthropology and archaeology, post-bacc, tutoring, orthopedics clinical research

Specialty Choice: Surgery

Questions about these? I'd love to help: Research/ finding a mentor, biostatistics and stats software coding (R, STATA), global health and GFE grants, choosing a specialty  

Contact email: sbrownlee@luc.edu

Gina Lazzara

Gina Lazzara

Hometown: Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Undergraduate School: Loyola University Chicago, BSN

Non-School Experience: Worked as a nurse for 5 years before starting medical school

Post-Bacc Program: Loyola University Chicago

Specialty Choice: Undecided

Contact email: ginalazzara@gmail.com

Dhruv Kumar

Dhruv Kumar

Undergraduate School: Univeristy of Illinois Urbana Champaign

Non-School Experience: Worked at a start up/was a lab tech

Specialty Choice: Family Medicine

Contact email: dkumar@luc.edu

Austin McHenry

Austin McHenry

Hometown: Northville, MI

Undergraduate School: Univeristy of Michigan

Specialty Choice: Undecided

Contact email: amchenry@luc.edu

Lindsay Haacker

Lindsay Haacker

Hometown: Cary, IL

Undergraduate School: UCLA, 2014

Non-School/Between School Experience: Autism intervention research

Specialty Choice: Pediatrics, but still undecided

Questions I'd love to answer: Finding good physician and research mentors; pediatric volunteering opportunities; studying tips; managing stress 

Contact email: lhaacker1@luc.edu

Marissa Blackwell

Marissa Blackwell

Hometown: Westerly, RI

Undergraduate School: Oberlin College

Non-School/Between School Experience: AmeriCorps, Tutoring

Specialty Choice: Neurology, Psychiatry

Contact email: marissa.w.blackwell@gmail.com

Esther Etchison

Esther Etchison

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Undergrad: University of Minnesota - Twin Cities 

Between school experience: Teach for America - middle school science teacher 

Specialty choice: Tentatively pediatrics 

Questions on these? I'd love to answer: Ways to study for M1 and M2 year, study habits/strategies, STEP 1, restaurants to try in Chicago

William Flavin

William Flavin

Hometown: Darien, IL

Undergraduate School: Notre Dame Class of 2011

Non-School/Between School Experience(s): Completion of PhD from 2013-2017 as part of MD/PhD program

Specialty Choice: Undecided

Questions I'd love to answer: Anything about research (MD/PhD, STAR, St. Albert's Day, attending research conferences, choosing mentors and labs, etc), planning a wedding/buying a house/having kids during medical school, city or suburban living, anatomy or neuroanatomy questions, Physician's Vocation Program, how to cope with being in school forever!

Email: wflavin@luc.edu

Faculty Members

Camilla Larsen, MD

Camilla Larsen, MD

Associate Professor, Family Medicine

Hometown:My hometown was Rathdrum, Idaho growing up.

School Experience:: I attended Whitman College in Walla Walla, WA for undergrad and University of Washington WWAMI program for med school.

Non-School Experience: Between undergrad and med school I was a volunteer with Lutheran Volunteer Corps and ended up in Chicago working with homeless youth. I met my partner that year and she's stuck with me for the last 21yrs.  We now have two awesome kids and a pretty great Rottweiler. 

Questions on these? I'd love to answer? I am happy to answer any questions about Advising, Healer's Art, Family Medicine, care of LGBTQ patients (or providers), having kids, career choices, etc. 

Contact email: czlarsen@lumc.edu

Beth Sonntag

Beth Sonntag

Assistant Dean of Student Affairs