Office of Student Affairs



Greetings!  The Office of Student Affairs team provides Stritch physicians-in-training with a variety of information  (including Stritch policies, services, and resources) and we support and guide students, through their academic and personal journeys as they navigate the successful completion of medical school.  

That guidance is available for individuals as well as entire classes -- in many forms and at various times throughout the year.  For example, we host several presentations to provide guidance for each class, we are available for one-on-ones and we connect students with career advising and other resources they may need to achieve their success.   

Our mission: provide the highest quality service and support to physicians-in-training.  We are a dedicated team of student affairs professionals who believe in caring for the whole person and demonstrating compassion in our work.  Medical school is difficult and we encourage physicians-in-training to get to know members of our team.  A great demonstration of strength is to seek help when you need it -- rather than waiting until the last minute.   Our core values are advocacy, service, professionalism, excellence, diversity & inclusion, and stewardship.  We embrace our Jesuit values of spirituality, discernment, compassion, and social justice.  Our guiding principles are teamwork, collaboration, integrity, commitment, and promoting student success at all times. 

Best Regards,

James G. Mendez, Ph.D.
Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs 

(708) 216-8140


Meet the Student Affairs Team


Lupe Zarco, MA (Organizational Leadership)

Assistant Director for M3 and M4 Physicians-in-training
(708) 216-8617

Lupe is the primary contact and advisor for all M3 and M4 physicians-in-training.  Lupe implements programs and services to support student progress, career planning, and wellness.    

Contact Lupe with questions about: 

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) Review    
  • Request an Excused Absence
  • Academic Policy Questions         
  • Careers in Medicine
  • Summer Opportunities



Tina Marino, MA

Assistant Director for M1 and M2 Physicians-in-training
(708) 216-4935

Tina is the primary contact and advisor for all M1 and M2 physicians-in-training.  She implements programs and services to support student progress, career planning, and wellness.  

Contact Tina with questions about: 

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) Review    
  • Request an Excused Absence
  • Academic Policy Questions         
  • Careers in Medicine
  • Summer Opportunities



Haydeé R. Nauert, MSF

Assistant Dean, Medical Student Administration
(708) 216-3137

Haydee oversees day-to-day operations of the Office of Student Affairs, affiliation agreements, and budgets for the Office of Student Affairs and the Office of Medical Education.



JoAnne Kremske, MA

Executive Administrative Assistant
(708) 216-8140 

JoAnne provides administrative support to the Office of Student Affairs deans.  She schedules all meetings for the OSA Deans and Dean Nauert, assists with the Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) letters, and documents for Match Day and commencement.  

Common reasons to contact JoAnne:

  • To schedule appointments with an Office of Student Affairs Dean; check in with JoAnne when you arrive for a scheduled appointment 
  • Assist students to obtain partial funding for presentation of research projects at professional conferences
  • Answer general Student Affairs inquiries


Meet the Team in the Office of Registration & Records

Agape Lamberis

(708) 216-3222

Agape and her team manage all student records throughout the student's tenure at Stritch and manages course and clerkship schedules.  

Common reasons to contact Agape:

  • Questions regarding your student file, grades, and evaluations
  • Enrollment in courses and clerkships (required and elective)
  • Academic calendar
  • Degree requirements, transcripts, diplomas, licensure
  • Commencement


Julie Steinecker

Assistant Director
(708) 216-3220 

Julie assists students with registration and scheduling, particularly for M3 and M4 required clerkships and electives. She also assists course directors and coordinators with grading and other course registration issues.

Common reasons to contact Julie:

  • Questions about graduation requirements          
  • Scheduling issues
  • Help with clerkship sequencing                                 
  • Questions about electives
  • VSLO
  • EPIC and Workday access 



Rosemary (Rose) Calcagno

Registration Specialist
(708) 216-3222 

Rose processes away rotation applications through VSAS and Non-VSAS and assists with processing grades for away rotations. She also works with visiting students from U.S. and international medical schools who would like to complete a rotation at Loyola University Medical Center (LUMC).

Contact Rose with questions relating to: 

  • Away Rotations
  • Good Standing Letter Request
  • Transcript Request
  • Verification of Enrollment
  • NBME Certification of Enrollment Forms
  • Visiting Students
  • EPIC and Workday access 



Claire Manor

Records Coordinator 
(708) 216-3222 

Claire coordinates student records. She processes licensure forms, education verifications, transcript requests, diploma replacements, and other student requests.

Contact Claire with questions about: 

  • Licensure Forms
  • Education Verification
  • Transcript Request
  • Good Standing Letter Request
  • NBME Certification of Enrollment Forms
  • Loan Deferment Form
  • Diploma Replacement


Office of Admissions Team


Darrell Nabers, MSc

Assistant Dean for Admissions and Recruitment

(708) 216-5326

Dean Nabers is the primary recruitment and committee administrator for all members of the committee on admissions. He oversees and manages the Office of Admissions and Recruitment efforts. He also works with the Office of Student Life.  

Common reasons to contact Dean Nabers: 

  • Recruitment of prospective students or advocating on behalf of candidates
  • Direction of admissions process and procedures
  • Information about serving on Admissions committees 
  • Second Look



Melissa Wergin

Assistant Director
(708) 216-3240

Melissa works closely with Dean Nabers to coordinate Stritch's admissions processes, including training committee members, managing application reviews, and coordinating interview days.  She’s involved with local and regional recruitment, as well as advising applicants about successful strategies for applying to medical school. 

Common reasons to contact Melissa:

  • (Faculty or matriculated students') interest in joining an admissions committee
  • Recruitment opportunities or campus visit days​
  • Applicant counseling
  • Questions about Stritch admissions



Lauren Marin

Admissions Administrator
(708) 216-8640

Lauren manages the day-to-day activities of the Office of Admissions. She handles general inquiries and logistics for visit days, applicant interviews, and accepted student pre-matriculation.

Common reasons to contact Lauren:

  • General questions about the Stritch admissions process or requirements
  • Scheduling a Stritch Visit
  • Incoming student pre-matriculation questions or requirements
  • Interview day questions or student host requests
  • Current applicant recommendations



Josephine Navas

Admissions Counselor
(708) 216-5325

Josephine manages regional recruitment and the admissions application process. She also oversees admissions committees for Stritch physicians-in-training, faculty, and staff.  

Common reasons to contact Josephine:

  • Scheduling a Stritch visit
  • Recruitment opportunities or campus visits
  • Applicant counseling
  • Interview day scheduling and questions
  • Training and onboarding committee members


Office of Student Life Team

Catherine Jardien, MA

Assistant Director

(708) 216-3872

Catherine oversees student events, activities, and organizations. 

Common reasons to contact Catherine:

  • Student Event Planning & Coordination
  • Medical Student Union & Student Organizations
  • Student Organization Fundraising 
  • Student Wellness
  • ASPIRE summer programs



Sabrina Bynum, MHA

Student Life Coordinator 

(708) 216-2484

Sabrina assists with student events, activities, and organizations. 

Common reasons to contact Sabrina:

  • Student Event Planning & Coordination
  • Medical Student Union & Student Organizations
  • Student Organization Fundraising 
  • Student Wellness
  • ASPIRE summer programs


Office of Financial Aid Team

Tammy West, MBA, MPA

Associate Director
(708) 216-3227

Tammy advises all medical students regarding all aspects of student financial aid. She also conducts financial aid presentations throughout the academic year and meets with all M1s for their mandatory, individual budget planning session.

Tammy is glad to answer any questions regarding:

  • Federal & Private Loans
  • Institutional Loans & Scholarships
  • Financing Options
  • Loan Repayment
  • Leave of Absence
  • Budgeting 


Lynn Wawrzyniak

Assistant Director
(708) 216-3227

Lynn advises all medical students and conducts financial literacy presentations and programs.

Lynn is available to answer questions regarding:

  • Federal & Private Loans
  • Financing Options
  • Financial Literacy
  • Military Options
  • FAFSA Completion
  • Budgeting


Office of Bursar Team


Laura Zaucha

Assistant Bursar
(708) 216-3228 

Laura is responsible for billing tuition and fees, collecting payments, processing refunds, and administration of Loyola’s Student Health Insurance plan. 

Common reasons to contact Laura:

  • Questions regarding bills and payment
  • Student Health Insurance