Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society at the Stritch School of Medicine

Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine is home to the Illinois Epsilon Chapter of Alpha Omega Alpha (ΑΩA), the national medical honor society. Election to ΑΩA occurs in the early fall of a students’ fourth year and a select group of students are also nominated in their third year.

2021 Induction Ceremony

Our 2021 induction ceremony will be held virtually on Thursday, March 18, at 5 p.m. (Central time).

Download Loyola's 2021 ΑΩA Induction Program.

Student Selection Process

Students academically in the top 25% of their class are selected. ΑΩA allows 1/6th of the entire class to be nominated; hence, out of the 160 students in each class at Stritch, we can nominate 27 students to ΑΩA.

Students in the top quartile of their class are then ranked based on a formula that includes their performance in years 1-3 and on USMLE Step 1. In addition, Strong clerkship performance (High Pass or Honors), demonstrated leadership, professionalism, ethics, commitment to service, and outstanding achievements in clinical or basic science research are considered by a selection committee of three individuals. Students who are selected for nomination are notified by email and asked to complete their registration on the ΑΩA website and pay the requisite fee. Confirmation of this completes the process, the student receives a certificate from the National office of ΑΩA and the nomination is included in the Dean’s letter for each student.

Resident/Fellow/Faculty/Alumni Selection Process

ΑΩΑ Students may nominate for ΑΩΑ membership selected faculty, residents, and fellows at Loyola University Medical Center (LUMC) based on the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated academic achievement, mentorship, commitment to excellence in teaching, research and clinical care, and leadership qualities.
  • Stritch School of Medicine (SSOM) Alumni are eligible ten years or more following graduation.
  • A call for nominations is sent to all Department Chairs and Program Directors in the fall and the deadline for nominations is December 1st.
  • Three member committees (that do not include the institution ΑΩΑ councilor) receive and evaluate the nominations and present their recommendations to the Councilor.
  • Each academic year, the maximum allowance for SSOM / LUMC is as follows:
    • 4 Residents/Fellows
    • 4 Faculty Members
    • 3 Alumni
  • Residents/Fellows/Faculty/Alumni are notified by email of their selection on January 31st.
    • They are responsible for contacting the National office, completing their registration, and paying the requisite dues. 
    • Inductees are recognized at the Annual Awards Ceremony.
    • ΑΩΑ members may also bestow the annual Volunteer Clinical Faculty Award to recognize a community physician who contributes with distinction to the education and training of medical students.

Learn more about the process to nominate a physician.


Anne H. Arnason*

Leslie S. Carandang

Anne L. Coakley

Daniel J. Cotton

Brett F. Curran*

Lachlan Driver

Aleksander D. Druck

Anne E. Gandolfi

Philip G. Ghobrial*

John R. Hallsten

Yvonne D. Ho

Erika N. Hripko

Lauren E. Lamparter

Lisa E. Laurenzana

Sarah M. Leibovitch

Frank R. Leuzzi

Sydni H. Meunier

Patricia W. Morrow*

Meaghan E. O’Hara

Dimpi A. Patel

Mara B. Peterson

Christopher J. Richardson

Michael D. Scheidt

Joshua D. Sink

Caitlin N. Smith

Herbert P. Stride

Sandy Vien

Julia E. Witkowska*

Colten P. Wolf

Syeda K. Zaidi

*Inducted in 2020 as 3rd year medical students 


Kendall Frisoli

Vikrum Jain

Dhruv Patel

Sahr Yazdani

Shuchi Zinzuwadia


Daphne Li, MD

Kyle Stang, MD

Daneyal Syed, MD

Shannon E. Michel Wynn, MD


Michael R. Ander, MD

Christopher M. Gonzalez, MD

Eugene, Lee, MD

Matthew McCoyd, MD