Student Responsibilities

As a Loyola University Chicago student, you are expected to take responsibility for your receipt of financial assistance. We expect you to:

  • Update your local and permanent addresses whenever changes occur. We send mail to your local/housing address while classes are in session, and use your permanent address during winter and summer breaks. Be sure both addresses and phone numbers are current at all times. You can update your address through LOCUS.
  • Respond to all requests for information as quickly as possible. Aid programs have deadlines. Delays in returning materials or requested information to the Financial Aid Office can cause delays in processing and disbursement, and possibly loss of eligibility.
  • Access LOCUS to obtain information on the current status of your financial aid awards and account with the Office of the Bursar.
  • Access your Loyola e-mail account. We frequently send information, requests or updates to your Loyola e-mail account. Be sure to regularly check your Loyola e-mail or arrange to have messages sent to your Loyola address forwarded to the e-mail program you use.