4th annual Oncology Summer Research Internship Symposium

4th annual Oncology Summer Research Internship Symposium


The 4th annual Oncology Summer Research Internship Symposium featured presentations by eight Loyola University Chicago undergraduate students from the Lake Shore Campus.  Four years ago, Dr. Michael Nishimura and Father Breslin established this internship for Loyola undergraduates.  It helps fulfill the Cancer Center’s educational mission and builds bridges between the Lake Shore and Health Sciences campuses. During the 10-week program, students have a structured experience in cancer research, learning laboratory techniques and the science behind each of their projects.

Following introductory remarks by Drs. Nancy Zeleznik-Le, and William Small, Jr., these eight Loyola University undergraduates presented their research. Dr. Michael Nishimura and Father Peter Breslin, PhD, SJ, concluded the symposium.

Madison Hoenle (Phong Le, PhD, mentor)
Topic: Engineering Exosomes: Implications for In Vitro T-ce/1 Development

Yunjoo (Jessica) Bae (Michael Nishimura, PhD, mentor)
Topic: Exploring Methods to Enhance the Efficacy of Genetically Modified T-Ce/1 lmmunotherapy

Carlee Bettler (Andrew Dingwall, PhD, mentor)
Topic: Analyzing the Effects of T- Cell Receptor Activation

Mackenzie O'Donnell (Jiwang Zhang, MD, PhD, mentor)
Topic: The Potential for Sirt2 Inhibitors to Improve Glucocorticoid Treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia {ALL}

Scellina Anwar (Maurizio Bocchetta, PhD, mentor)
Topic: How Does the Modulation of the Deubiquitinase OTUD68 Affect Gene Expression Regulated by the Oncogene c-MYC?

Zain Anwar (Clodia Osipo, PhD, mentor)
Topic: Role of MLL2/KMT2D in HER2+ Breast Cancer

David Kolodziej (Wei Qiu PhD, mentor)
Topic: Evaluating /DH1 as a Potential Therapeutic Target in HCC

Conrad Kurowski (Nancy Zeleznik-Le, PhD, mentor)
Topic: Regulation of Yeats Domain Proteins