Match Day 2016

Stritch School of Medicine celebrated Match Day on March 18 along with other medical schools across the country. 

In this year's class of 158 students, 41 percent placed in Primary Care specialties, with 20 percent going into Internal Medicine and 10 percent going into Family Medicine. The top five other specialities were Emergency Medicine (15 percent), Orthopaedic Surgery (6 percent), Dermatology (4.5 percent), Anesthesiology (4 percent), and General Surgery (4 percent).

Forty percent of the class matched in Illinois, with 14 percent staying on campus to do residencies at Loyola University Medical Center. Fifty five percent of students are staying in the Midwest, with 11 percent going to the East Coast, 17 percent going to the West Coast, and 17 percent going down South.

The 2016 Main Residency Match was the largest on record, encompassing 42,370 registered applicants and 30,750 positions. The number of United States allopathic medical school senior students grew by 221 to 18,668, and the number of available first-year positions rose to 27,860, 567 more than last year.

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