EyeSim VR

In 2016, the department of Ophthalmology received a generous fund (from the Richard A. Perritt Charitable Foundation) for the purpose of advancing ophthalmic education through the use of simulation labs and virtual learning. Dr. Anuradha Khanna took on this role and made significant progress in the thematic nature of virtual learning. Most notably, Dr. Khanna - along with other collaborators - developed a Virtual Reality ophthalmic training simulator (EyeSim) that is designed for educators to use in a classroom. The Richard A. Perritt Charitable Foundation has continued to support the department of Ophthalmology in this endeavor. With the continued support, Dr. Khanna has moved onto the next phase of virtual learning: the transition of VR headset to Oculus headset for learners to achieve mastery learning through deliberate practice.

Dr. Anuradha Khanna presenting the EyeSim application


1.) Example of an EyeSim Module        

2.) Example of an EyeSi Module

Ophthalmology residents testing the Oculus headsets in a VR classroom