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John Callaci
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Orthopaedic Surgery
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Cell and Molecular Physiology
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Chicago Medical School/Finch University of Health Sciences , North Chicago , IL , United States
Interests: Effects of Binge Alcohol Exposure on Skeletal Biology

My research is focused on the biochemical, biomechanical and molecular effects of alcohol on the skeleton. Previous studies performed in my laboratory using a binge model of alcohol consumption, identified that bone resorptive activity increases after acute binge alcohol exposure, which is at least partially responsible for bone loss observed after binge alcohol treatment. Alcohol-induced bone loss can be effectively blocked with anti-resorptive drugs, suggesting a possible therapeutic response to alcoholic osteopenia. We have also shown that binge alcohol exposure has an additive effect on bone loss caused by other insults to the skeleton such as ovariectomy-induced estrogen depletion. Research efforts identifying biomarkers of early alcohol-mediated bone damage in adolescent and adult ovariecotomized rodents using gene expression array technology allowed us to identify novel mechanisms underlying bone damage caused by alcohol and early markers of bone loss that can be used to identify patients at risk for osteoporosis years prior to conventional diagnostics. Our current research focuses on the mechanisms responsible for fracture non-union related to alcohol abuse. We have identified that alcohol deregulates key signaling pathways that control the fracture healing process. We are using this information to develop therapeutic approaches to treat patients with non healing fractures relayed to alcohol abuse and other causes such as diabetes.

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Wound Healing
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