"As a medical student who was interested in pursuing a career in orthopaedic surgery, I was extraordinarily excited to have an opportunity to conduct basic science research in the Molecular and Cellular Bone Biology Laboratory directed by Dr. Callaci at Loyola University Medical Center.  … Later that year the findings from my productive summer in Dr. Callaci’s lab were presented as a poster presentation at Loyola University Chicago’s annual research conference, St. Albert’s Day."
-Kristyn Brownson


"The Kovacs College of Knowledge/Camp Loyola was one of the most eye opening experiences I have ever had. … I assisted in research experiments and learned about how to capture and understand data.  The hands on experience accompanied by the amazing guidance really helped me discover just how powerful science can be in saving the lives of many."
-Lillianna Franco


"Before this experience, I had no prior knowledge or skill in research, but after being taught by such a motivating team (Dr. Choudhry and Dr. Li), I was not only able to learn and see the amount of dedication required to partake in successful research, but I gained a newfound interest in further research and pursuing a residency in infectious disease."
-Kimberlyn Ariwodo