Alcohol Research Program at Loyola University Chicago

For over 3 decades, faculty at Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine have been conducting research on the effects of alcohol on a variety of organ systems.  In the late 1990’s, an interdisciplinary group of about a dozen alcohol researchers from various clinical and basic sciences departments began to work together.  This unique combination of clinicians and basic science researchers evolved into the Alcohol Research Program (ARP). The Program, under the leadership of Dr. Mashkoor A. Choudhry, has grown to well over 50 members including faculty, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and clinical residents/fellows from nearly every graduate program and department on campus.  The interdisciplinary nature of the faculty at Loyola University Chicago's Alcohol Research Program, with its diverse areas of research is an ideal environment to study the deleterious effects of alcohol across the age spectrum, from fetal alcohol exposure and adolescent binge drinking to multiple organ dysfunction in long-term chronic abusers.  Currently, with NIH, NIAAA-funded T32 Institutional Training Grant, the ARP with its diverse areas of research is an ideal environment for training the next generation of alcohol researchers.