Research is an essential component of the Department of Otolaryngology's mission.  Our faculty is actively engaged in developing new and effective treatments through basic laboratory investigations and clinical outcomes studies to further expand our understanding of the head and neck specialty and improve patient care.

Current Research

  • Gonadal steroids and electrical stimulation on cell survival and regeneration following facial nerve crush injuries
  • Facial reanimation with muscle-nerve-muscle grafts after acute and chronic injury
  • The therapeutic effects of mitochondrial-specific antioxidant XJB-5-131 on facial nerve injury and repair
  • Functional recovery from facial paralysis following electrical stimulation in bell’s palsy patients
  • The effects of local anesthetics and dexamethasone on peripheral nerve injury and regeneration

Resident Participation in Research

In addition, all residents are required to participate in research, enabling them to engage in and learn from the research process. This allows them to become better physicians as they further their own knowledge base, as well as contribute to a practice of even greater evidence-based methodology.  Learn more