The Neuroscience Graduate Program at Loyola University Chicago Health Systems rigorously prepares students for a competitive and productive career in neuroscience. We offer both a Ph.D. as well as a two year, research intensive, M.S. degree. Using an interdepartmental and interdisciplinary approach, our students have an exceptionally broad choice of mentors and neuroscience-related research projects on which to advance their careers.

Our students begin working towards their degree in neuroscience by first demonstrating a competent understanding of a broad base of knowledge by taking a spectrum of core courses required of all IPBS students. After selecting a research mentor at the end of the first year, neuroscience students may formally declare the Neuroscience Graduate Program as their academic track of choice. Beginning the second year, neuroscience students can choose elective courses which are designed to develop specialization and strength in one particular area of neuroscience. Each neuroscience student is thus exposed to various situations where he or she learns how to express their ideas effectively. Throughout their training, neuroscience students have the opportunity to interact and work closely with faculty and to receive individualized attention that continues until degree completion.