Current Faculty Research

Students within the Neuroscience Graduate Program currently benefit from the expertise of several full-time basic science and clinical faculty members. Our faculty members are nationally and internationally distinguished scientists committed to graduate education. Mentors and their research collaborators interact with students on a daily basis and use a team approach to train the junior neuroscientist.  Our program is uniquely designed to build strong mentor-trainee relationships that accelerate student progress.  Neuroscience students receive their training in research labs located within Loyola’s new state of the art Center for Translational Research and Education at the Medical School Campus and at the adjacent Edward Hines Jr. Veterans Administration Hospital Campus located in the city of Maywood, 16 miles West of Chicago. Together, clinicians and basic scientists work with our neuroscience students to make breakthrough discoveries in the mechanisms and treatments of neurological disease.

On-going and active research by Neuroscience Graduate Program faculty use various tools to address a plethora of neurologic conditions and diseases including:     

  • neurodegenerative diseases and neurotoxity
  • altered function of the neuroendocrine and the autonomic nervous system
  • neuroimmunological dysfunction
  • central nervous system injury and repair
  • eye disorders
  • altered neuroplasticity and development
  • behavioral disorders (addiction, depression and anxiety)
  • demyelinating diseases of the peripheral nervous system