Charles Bouchard, MD, MA

  • John P. Mulcahy Professor of Ophthalmology
  • Chair, Ophthalmology


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B.A., Biology - Bowdoin College, Brunswick, ME


M.A., Physiology - Boston University School of Medicine, Boston, MA

Medical School:

M.D. - Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago, IL


Transitional Internship - St. Joseph Hospital, Chicago, IL


Resident in Ophthalmology - George Washington University, Washington, DC

Additional Training:

Fellow in Corneal and External Disease - Center for Sight,

Gerogetown University, Washington, DC

Research Focus: Cornea and Ocular Surface Disease

Summary of Research Interests

My area of research focus is the diagnosis, pathophysiology and management of severe ocular surface diseases. This includes dry eye disease (DED), ocular graft vs host disease (oGVHD), mucus membrane pemphigoid (MMP), Steven’s Johnson Syndrome (SJS) and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), all of which can affect the cornea and ocular surface leading to vision loss.

For the diagnosis of the diseases, we are studying various parameters and biomarkers that impact the homeostasis of the ocular surface.  This includes the ocular surface microbiome, tear film lipid payer, meibomian gland structure and function. We are also examining the relationship between tear film biomarkers (matrix metalloproteinase levels), and changes in the corneal biomechanics (hysteresis), as it relates to OSA.

For the pathophysiology of these OSA related disease, we are studying the role of local and systemic inflammatory biomarkers including tear film and systemic MMP-9 and systemic CRP, Hg A1c, and EPO. For SJS, we have studied the 20-year trends in culprit drugs and the inflammatory biomarkers in the acute phase of the disease. Currently we are collaborating in a study examining the genetic predisposition for SJS.

For the treatment arm, we are studying the role and composition of autologous serum tears, timing and efficacy various ocular surface reconstruction techniques including amniotic membrane, oral (buccal) mucosal grafts, corneal limbal stem cell transplantation, and lamellar allogeneic corneal transplants. We are currently studying eyelid procedures to retard the progression of surface disease in oGVHD  patients. Finally, the Loyola Burn Unit and Ophthalmology department are participating in a multicenter trial comparing the efficacy of systemic cyclosporine and etanercept in the management of acute SJS.



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