• Associate Professor
  • Ophthalmology

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B.S., Vision Science - Illinois College of Optemetry, Chicago, IL

Optometry School:

O.D., - Illinois College of Optometry, Chicago, IL


Optometric Residency in Primary Eye Care - Department of Veteran Affairs Medical Center, Newinton, Conneticut


M.S., Pharmacology - Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

Pharm.D. - University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL

Research Focus: Opthalmic Research, Retina, Glaucoma, Eye related biomarkers of neurodegenerative disease, Capillaroscopic assessment of ocular and systemic disease 

Summary of Research Interests

My work includes use of orthogonal polarization spectral imaging adapted for use in the eye to generate hemorheological flow matrices applicable to the treatment of coagulopathy. Our current work expands prior ocular hemorheological research by development of a unique lab-on-chip device to replicate pressure and flow relationships found in patients with glaucoma, and which can be extended to improve drug treatment strategy for glaucoma clinically. I am also involved in the investigation of how pupil responses may be used to optimize drug treatment for neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s disease 



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