Endowment Fund

Education and Research Endowment Fund Established

If you are fortunate to live in the Chicago-land area or one of its neighboring suburbs that are served by Loyola University Medical Center, you are probably well aware of the Standard of Excellence that is a Loyola tradition. One of the cornerstones of the Medical Center is The Department of Surgery. If you or a loved-one have ever had to undergo a surgical procedure, you were probably comforted not only by the care and compassion with which you were treated, but also by the knowledge that your case was being managed by one the finest surgeons in the nation.

What you may not know is that The Department of Surgery is dedicated to providing the finest training and educational experience to our future surgeons. However, due to growing cost, and cuts in traditional sources of funding, there is an ever- increasing need to look elsewhere for support. That support will come from people like you who recognize the importance of investing in the future. With your support, you will become a benefactor in helping maintain a High Quality Residency Program.

Education and Research Endowment

It is because of this tremendous need for funding, that The Department of Surgery has recently created a Department of Surgery Education and Research Endowment. The goal for our Surgical Education and Research Endowment is to raise a total of $5 million over the next five years. The Department has been in the silent phase of raising money for that endowment, and our total- to- date is over $2 million, including a sizable contribution by the Department itself. By investing in an endowment, you may leave a lasting legacy to benefit a cause of importance to you. The importance of that investment should be measured by the degree to which the goal of the endowment is fulfilled.