Hepatobiliary and Intra-abdominal Transplantation

The division of intra-abdominal transplantation has recently initiated a liver tumor clinic. This is in response to the success that the liver transplantation program has enjoyed. This clinic is a multidisciplinary clinic in which all types of patients with liver or bile duct-related problems are seen.

During the past year, this clinic has seen over 200 new patients with chronic liver disease and has performed close to 100 hepatobiliary operations. We have numerous therapies available for treatment of liver tumors. These therapies include liver resections, radiofrequency ablation, and yttrium based therapy.

In addition, the clinic has seen a number of patients with biliary problems. These are all evaluated in the clinic and discussed at a multidisciplinary meeting.

The division of transplantation continues to make strides to improve and grow through ongoing clinical and research projects. We welcome all new referrals and any other patients that may benefit from our expertise.

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