Wolf and Kettle Teacher Award

The Wolf and Kettle Teacher Award is presented annually to Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine teaching faculty. Eligible faculty are rated as the top 10% of our clinical teachers, based on the number and overall rating of student evaluations of greater than 4.5 out of a 5-point scale.

Part of the Loyola University Chicago emblem, the Wolf and Kettle are symbols from the family shield of Saint Ignatius of Loyola.  The symbols represent the generosity of the Loyola family. The Wolf and Kettle Teacher Award, too, represents the generosity of our clinical teachers, who contribute to the development of future physicians.  

The Office of Medical Education performs an annual summative review of post-clerkship student evaluations.  Students are asked to review faculty’s overall performance based on several criteria, including setting clear clinical expectations, delivering timely and constructive feedback as well as directly observing students’ history and exam skills.

The following faculty have been identified as excellent clinical teachers and role models for the 2020 academic year. The Stritch School of Medicine could not provide this critical part of medical education without their help. The Office of Medical Education appreciates their dedication in supporting our up and coming young physicians.

Awards by Department:

Department of Emergency Medicine

  • Dr. Amy Kule
  • Dr. Marco Cordero
  • Dr. DeAndre Williams
  • Dr. Hank Graziano
  • Dr. Jason Palmatier
  • Dr. Joseph Mueller
  • Dr. Fred Rothenberger
  • Dr. Timothy Murray
  • Dr. Tracy Boykin
  • Dr. William Davenport   

Department of Family Medicine

  • Dr. Aaron Michelfelder
  • Dr. Alexandra Albanese
  • Dr. Amy Blair
  • Dr. Camille Billingslea
  • Dr. Andrew Birkhead
  • Dr. Camilla Larsen
  • Dr. Courtney Suh
  • Dr. Dinah Ahomka-Lindsay
  • Dr. Charles Ediogiawerie
  • Dr. Eugene Lee
  • Dr. James Winger
  • Dr. Jessica McIntyre
  • Dr. Mary Eguia
  • Dr. Nathalie McCammon-Chase
  • Dr. Julita McPherson
  • Dr. Alisha Thomas
  • Dr. Philip Won

Department of Medicine

  • Dr. Amit Dayal
  • Dr. Anne-Marie Bertino
  • Dr. Eladasari Babu
  • Dr. Bruce Guay
  • Dr. Bryan Gee
  • Dr. Daniel Grodinsky
  • Dr. Edwin Santa
  • Dr. Elizabeth Henry
  • Dr. George Cotseones
  • Dr. Jonathan Sachs
  • Dr. Joseph Clark
  • Dr. Martin White
  • Dr. Monica Maalouf
  • Dr. Syed Mushabbar
  • Dr. Rita Gupta
  • Dr. Ritu Garg
  • Dr. Sean Greenhalgh
  • Dr. Ann Slasuraitis
  • Dr. Melvin Speisman
  • Dr. Thomas Schnell

Department of Neurology

  • Dr. Antonio Iglesias
  • Dr. Jasvinder Chawla
  • Dr. Elena Crisan
  • Dr. David Kvarnberg
  • Dr. Eugene Schnitzler
  • Dr. Jorge Asconape
  • Dr. Colletta Kalea
  • Dr. Kathy Kujawa
  • Dr. Lawrence Zeidman
  • Dr. Natalie Litivinsky
  • Dr. Matthew McCoyd
  • Dr. Michael Doerrler
  • Dr. Michael Schneck
  • Dr. Vijaya Patil
  • Dr. Rick Gill
  • Dr. Sean Ruland
  • Dr. Susan Vaughan

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

  • Dr. Diane Barry
  • Dr. Cordia Clark-White
  • Dr. Abigail Winder
  • Dr. Akua Afriyie-Gray
  • Dr. Colleen Fitzgerald
  • Dr. Elizabeth Muller
  • Dr. Freager Williams
  • Dr. Jean Goodman
  • Dr. Karen Deighan
  • Dr. Lena Wiley
  • Dr. Linda Yang
  • Dr. Marian Acevedo-Alvarez
  • Dr. Mary Lynn
  • Dr. Paula White Prock
  • Dr. Recia Renn
  • Dr. Sarah Wagner
  • Dr. Scott Graziano
  • Dr. Thythy Pham

Department of Pediatrics

  • Dr. Anu Bhargava
  • Dr. Christine Benedict
  • Dr. Bridget Boyd
  • Dr. Cindy Rubin
  • Dr. Anne Drahos
  • Dr. Emily Khan
  • Dr. Emily Tuerk
  • Dr. Joyce Gemson
  • Dr. Jamie Golds
  • Dr. Heidi Renner
  • Dr. Sana Hoda
  • Dr. Johnna Sizemore
  • Dr. Julie O’Keefe
  • Dr. Matthew Leischner
  • Dr. Nadia Qureshi
  • Dr. Ramzan Shahid
  • Dr. Rebecca Barbato    

Department of Psychiatry

  • Dr. Edwin Meresh
  • Dr. Ronald Lotesto
  • Dr. Muralidhara Rao

Department of Surgery

  • Dr. Adam Kabaker
  • Dr. Anthony Baldea
  • Dr. Arthur Sanford
  • Dr. Bernadette Aulivola
  • Dr. Carlos Bechara
  • Dr. Faaiza Vaince
  • Dr. Ton-That Hieu
  • Dr. Joseph Ogrodnik
  • Dr. Joshua Eberhardt
  • Dr. Marc Singer
  • Dr. Paul Crisostomo
  • Dr. Pegge Halandras
  • Dr. Yuk-Ming Liu


  • Dr. Ejaaz Kalimullah
  • Dr. James Gagermeier
  • Dr. Julie Fitzgerald
  • Dr. Kevin Simpson
  • Dr. Michael Anstadt
  • Dr. Paul Hutchison
  • Dr. Rishi Mehta
  • Dr. Sean Forsythe
  • Dr. Shruti Patel
  • Dr. Stephen Littleton


  • Dr. Kathleen Phelan
  • Dr. Monica Komorowski